Summer Schedule Is A Must!

The kids are hanging out in the driveway in between activities
Are you as frazzled as I am this summer? I love getting to run around and spend time with my children, but balancing each person’s activities, along with work and household chores, can be tiring and overwhelming.  In fact, without proper organization, it’s nearly impossible to keep everything on track.  The importance of organization during the summer cannot be stressed enough.  There are a few ways you can stay neatly organized in order to stay on top of each family member’s schedules this summer.
First off, get a huge calendar.  I mean it.  Get a big one.  Hang it up in a place where each family member can see the calendar and write their activities on it.  The kitchen is a fantastic spot for such a calendar since it’s a place each family member goes every day.  Place a small basket of pens or markers near the calendar so no one can use the excuse “I couldn’t find a pen” when it’s time to write their activities down.  For added organization, consider assigning each family member their own color.  This will make it easier to see who has something scheduled on each day.
Next, make sure you put reminders of important events in your phone or computer calendar.  Some moms don’t want to use their phones as a calendar, but receiving a text message reminder of an activity can be really convenient.  If you prefer to use an online or computer calendar, you can get email reminders of activities the day before they happen.  This is a great way to remember to buy that last-minute birthday gift or to pick up paper plates before a party.
Finally, make sure you don’t over-schedule.  Remember that there’s nothing wrong with having a simple, quiet day every now and then.  While summer activities are really fun and a great way to bond with your family, keep in mind that they aren’t everything.  Sometimes it’s okay to just enjoy the peace and quiet of family time at home.
What’s your best summer schedule tip?  How do you stay organized and in control during the summer?

3 thoughts on “Summer Schedule Is A Must!”

  1. stephanie HASTIE

    I had a big calendar too – I used one of those desk blotter ones. Cheap,. and plenty of room. And I told my family, if it isn;t on the calendar it won’t happen. So a kid who suddenly “remembers” he has a birthday party to go to in an hour, and still needs a present, is out of luck. With 4 kids, it worked well, and I don’;t think anyone ever really missed out on anything special, just the threat was enough!

    1. Great idea, we even have couch assignments because my boys have a favorite couch and were fighting about whose night it was for the couch. LOL

  2. Stephanie Phelps

    We have so many things going on I can’t remember my own head must less the schedule. I end up with about four different pieces of paper scattered everywhere and none of them show up when I need them. Posting a big calendar is a fantastic idea and never thought of using my phone but I am going to do that right now

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