This Car Is Full of Trash

trashed car

I love my cell phone camera and find myself taking pictures of everything!  My husband couldn’t believe that I stopped to take this picture, but I looked and didn’t see anyone around so I snapped it real quick.  My husband is always suggesting that I clean out my van, so I thought I’d show him that my van could look much worse than it does.

This person had so much stuff in the front passenger seat that they could have possibly been living out of this car.  My kids leave all sorts of stuff in my van like empty Gatorade bottles, empty chocolate milk containers and prizes from Kids Meals.  Once we get home, everyone jumps out of the van and no one hangs around to clean everything back out.  I just cleaned my van out, vacuumed and washed everything down Friday afternoon and by Sun afternoon, it was back to the normal cluttered look again.  Do you keep your car cleaned out all the time?  Do you have certain rules for your kids to follow while eating/ drinking in the car?

2 thoughts on “This Car Is Full of Trash”

  1. My sister’s vehicle looks like this all the time and she does NOT live out of it. She’s just a slob and too lazy to clean it out. It’s frustrating because she’s always wanting me to go places with her, which means she just takes everything out of the seat and throws it in the floor or the back. So freaking disgusting.

    My husband is meticulous about our vehicle and basically checks it out everyday to make sure it’s clean. I am not that obsessive, but it would NEVER and I do mean NEVER look like the car in the picture above.

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