Travis Goes To Grocery

Travis turned 13 this month and got a scooter for his birthday.  He goes to the basketball court everyday and has been asking for a way to get back and forth to the basketball court this summer besides walking every time.  Yes the walking is great exercise, but by the time he plays ball all day, he is just drained.  Boys his age are riding these scooters, so of course he’d want one too.  He’s a good kid and very responsible.  He carries his phone and calls or texts each time he gets to the court and right before he leaves.  Now that he can get places quicker with the scooter, he has been thinking of all the errands he could run for me.  This morning, I woke at 7 am and found him getting ready to mow the yard, what a great surprise!  Once the yard was mowed, he offered to go to the grocery, so we made a small list of items we could use that he could easily fit into his backpack on the ride home.

travis scooter1

Here he is headed to the grocery.  No time to stop and let mom take a picture, but I was able to snap this one before he was too far down the street.

travis scooter2

Once he got to the store, he sent me this picture to make sure he had tied it down right before going inside.  Looks good to me!

Next he text me that he couldn’t find the frozen cheese bread, so I text back telling him where to look.  He found the bread and the other items after a short time in the store and was headed back home.

travis scooter 3 (2)

He was so proud of himself and his first solo grocery trip on the scooter.

travis scooter 4

Even Dakota was glad to see him back home.  She has been out of treats for a few days now and feeling down about it.

travis receipt scooter

Here’s his receipt, he bought everything that was on my list, and even shopped for the best deal on dog treats.  I am SO proud of  him, but I wish I could slow this down a little, he is growing up SO fast!  Where does all our time go?  It feels like just the other day that I was putting him on the bus for his first day of school.

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