Why use Pinterest?


One of the most beneficial social media websites for moms to use is Pinterest.  While you might not find the drama and daily life events you’ll see on Facebook, Pinterest offers a huge variety of recipes, activities, and household organization ideas that you just won’t find anywhere else.  In fact, Pinterest offers mothers a way to connect and help one another free from judgment and gossip.  Instead, moms work to combine their ideas and personal life experiences in a way that helps everyone who reads their boards.

Perhaps one of my favorite ways to use Pinterest is to find ideas for rainy activities.  Keeping little ones inside during downpours is a challenge, but Pinterest offers a lot of creative, inexpensive ideas.  For example, there are different craft ideas you can do with kids of all ages, as well as recipes.  Even if your kids aren’t a big fan of baking or cooking, you’ll love just how easy it is to find kid-friendly recipes.  I even saw a recipe for a cake made completely from watermelon and other healthy ingredients!
Pinterest is also a fun way to meet new bloggers and moms.  Many mom bloggers pin their posts to Pinterest, which means you can click their pictures and find their blogs.  It’s almost like a scavenger hunt!  I’m always on the lookout for new blogs to read that are inspiring and uplifting, and Pinterest offers a great way to do just this.  If you find a picture you like, simply click it and read the post describing the picture. You can also browse through the blog and find many of that mom’s other posts that are probably pretty similar in nature.  Of course, make sure you always leave a comment to let her know what you thought!
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  1. I love using pinterest and was getting huge amount of traffic from that site. I am not sure what happened but my traffic dropped off suddenly. Quite disappointing.

  2. I would have to agree with you that Pintrest is quite a wonderful place to find everything from recipe’s to crafts and more. I’ve only been using it for a short time, but I totally love it!

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