Prepare For School: Adjust Your Summer Sleep Schedule

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One of the things that a lot of moms love about summer is the freedom to relax.  After all, summer is a time to sleep in, play games, hang out, and just connect as a family.  Unfortunately, though, as the start of school approaches, many moms realize just how important it is to maintain a schedule throughout the summer.  After all, it’s much easier to stick to a schedule year-round rather than try to force your kids back into a rigid and organized daily plan after a summer of freedom.
If you’re gearing up for the start of school, consider implementing your regular schedule a few weeks before classes start.  This way, your kids will have time to adjust to their routine well before school actually begins.  There’s nothing quite as stressful or overwhelming as trying to get your child excited about and ready for school only to find that they can’t fall asleep early or they can’t get up early.
Start slow and add just one or two things every few days.  For example, today consider implementing your normal bedtime for the school year.  In a few days, start making your kids get up on time.  Gradually, you’ll find that your children’s routine falls back into place and that by the time school begins, everyone will be ready for the adventure it brings.
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