Adidas ClimaCool Shoes NOT For Rainy Days


My family and I spent a good deal of time making sure that we had the right shoes to wear on our Disney vacation.  There was going to be LOTS of walking and we didn’t want blisters or hurting feet over our 4 day stay at the Disney Parks.  My husband loved his Adidas ClimaCool Shoes and was convinced that he had made the perfect shoe choice for our Disney Vacation.  If you are familiar with Florida weather, you know that they receive a lot of rain and every night my husband’s shoes and socks were wet, while everyone else’s shoes and socks were dry.  The kids and I just thought that dad was walking through the puddles, so we teased him about watching where he was going.


One night we decided to have a good look at his shoes and noticed that the ClimaCool shoes had holes in the bottoms of them then run all the way through the shoes to keep your feet cool, but these holes were allowing all the Florida rain to run straight to his feet and his socks, making his days of walking miserable for him.

shoe dryer

We had experienced wet shoes in the past while on vacation so I did bring along the shoe dryer which held my husband’s shoes every night of our trip while we slept.  Thank goodness for the shoe dryer since his shoes got wet everyday.  My husband still loves his shoes and says they are very comfortable but he will no longer be wearing them if there is any sign of rain.  If you were planning a vacation that required lots of walking, what shoes would you take with you?

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  1. Maybe he could try a pair of Geox brand shoes, which also have perforated soles for breathability but with a porous waterproof membrane barrier to prevent wet feet.

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