Dakota Reviews The Thundershirt


Dakota was given a Thundershirt to use in facilitating this review.  All opinions are 100% mine and not swayed in any way.  

My son saw the Thundershirt advertised on tv and said that he knew that’s exactly what Dakota needed to keep her quiet at night.  She gets to barking at night and then has to go to bed early.  He wants her to be able to stay in the living room and play with him instead of having to go to her room early because of her barking.  He even replayed the Thundershirt commercial for me and had me check out their website.  BlogWithMom was able to get a review opportunity and Bobby was thrilled!  Check out his pic above when he found the Thundershirt box on our front porch.


After learning about the Thundershirt, we spotted it at our vet and asked them about their sales.  They said they had a lot of customers who purchased the Thundershirts.


Here’s Bobby and Dakota with her Thundershirt on.  She is 61 pounds and we ordered her the large which fits dogs 41 – 64 pounds and it fits perfectly.  It velcros around her in three different spots and is very easy to put on her.


It is quite hot in Texas right now, but Dakota only wears her Thundershirt  indoors, but outdoor pics were just too good to pass up.  We have deer, raccoons and opossums that go behind our house at night and Dakota just can’t stand it.  She barks and jumps at the door to get outside every night.  Once you let her out, she is still barking, which irritates the neighbors when it is late at night.  Now she stands at the window and even watches the deer with us without going nuts to get at them.  It took her a few minutes to adjust to the Thundershirt since she has never worn clothing before.  She was trying to bite it off her, but after a few minutes, she was fine and didn’t care that it was on her.

I wish I could have had the Thundershirt a few years ago.  We had a 15 yr. old black lab that was diabetic and blind.  Paige would make a noise that sounded as if she was screaming and I thought she was in a lot of pain.  I soon realized that if you sat with her or touched her, she would stop the noise, but once you left her alone, she would “scream” again.  We started her on dog anxiety pills, but I would have rather had the Thundershirt for her.  It would have been a blessing for her.  It would have kept her calm throughout the day when no one was at home to sit with her.


Here’s the Thundershirt again, this time we found it at the Best Friends Pet Boarding.  The design of this shirt maintains a constant pressure on your dog’s torso and provides a calming effect on most dogs.  Just think, baby’s are calmed by swaddling, why not use it for pets too.  The Thundershirt can be used for symptoms such as panting, shaking, drooling, barking, whining, hiding, scratching, licking, bolting, eliminating indoors, seizures and more.  Does your dog experience any of those issues?  If so, I’d definitely look into this product.  If you purchase this product and it doesn’t work for your pet, Thundershirt provides a satisfaction guarantee.  As long as you return your shirt within 45 days, you will receive a full refund of the purchase price.

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  1. I’ve heard of these, but in my case from my vet as a way to keep my cat calm when he is flying with us in the airplane cabin. Haven’t tried it yet though, but you make it sound like it does work!

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