It’s Summer: Drink Water / Wear Sunscreen

rain epcot

No matter what part of the country or the world you happen to live in, this has been a very unusual summer.  We are experiencing rain, humidity or extreme heat and very possibly a combination of all three on the same day.  We just spent a week in Disney where we saw much more rain that we wanted to experience on vacation.  My boys weren’t too thrilled about posing for the above picture at Epcot.  It had just stopped POURING rain and even though we had on ponchos, everyone was soaked!  With all the rain and humidity bad hair days have become the norm instead of the exception this summer!  Pulling back your hair into a pony tail or somehow keeping it off your face will help.  A stylish hat will not only hide that “bad hair” but will protect you from the sun’s UV rays.  If it is really hot, wearing a sports band around your forehead will prevent the perspiration from running down your face into your eyes.

You should also dress as comfortably as you can.  Wearing light colored shorts and short sleeved tee shirts will help.  Dark colors will absorb the heat which you do not want to happen-save that little black dress for the evening!  Just remember to put sunscreen on all exposed parts of your body—including your feet.  Have you ever gotten a sunburn on top of your feet?  My husband got a bad sunburn on the tops of his feet at the beach once and that is a bad area for a burn.  What types of shoes do you wear?  Would they irritate the tops of your feet if you were to receive a bad foot sunburn?


Sandals, which are the preferred footwear for most people in the summertime day and night, do expose your feet to those hazardous rays!  Even if you are driving, you need to use sunscreen; the sun glaring through the windows can cause you to get sunburn!  I’m sure you have noticed how the arm that is closest to the window when you are in a car ends up tanner then the arm that lays on the arm rest.

The one thing you definitely do not want to happen is to get heat stroke or dehydrated.  Always bring water with you wherever you are going; whether it is a trip to the grocery store, to drive your children to various activities and when you are out for a walk or exercising.  Try to stay in air conditioning whenever possible and watch out for older individuals and young children-they will dehydrate faster.  You can also check out “5 Ways To Stay Cool In The Texas Heat.”

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