Duck Dynasty Texting Trick

duck dynasty

This was so much fun, Bobby and I saw this cardboard figure in Wal-Mart vision center and had to have a picture with him.  My son and I sent it out on a group text to a few people and some of them got excited before realizing that Bobby was just standing next to a cardboard figure!  What kind of photo tricks have you played on your friends?

3 thoughts on “Duck Dynasty Texting Trick”

  1. I’ve never done a trick like this myself (I don’t have a smartphone with a camera), but my niece has a collection of pix with Justin Bieber – his cardboard cutout in various stores where they were selling his perfume. She has made a collage and posted on the wall in her bedroom!

  2. This is cute. Gracie and I love Duck Dynasty. Gracie’s favorite is Si and Mine is Jase. We’ve even gotten my Mother in law to watch it and she loves Willie. We’re a Duck Dynasty family!

  3. This is too cute!

    You cannot tell this isn’t a real fan photo op! I once saw a Justin Beiber cutout in a drugstore that would have been perfect to do this, but didn’t think of it until it was too late…

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