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Being a Mom means that we often neglect ourselves because we’re so busy with our children, our homes, our spouses and maintaining everything to keep it all in order.  So, with time we may start to look and feel like we belong on the piles of laundry, and wish someone else could just put us through a quick-wash cycle with the easy-iron setting.  If we ever do find some time for ourselves, chances are we don’t feel that we have the means to spend on ourselves, because we’ve already exceeded the monthly budget on purchases for our kids.  Not a very happy picture.

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 Body Pump class is my favorite!  

If this description sounds like it’s about you, you may have not even had the time to discover that there are so many affordable ways to take care of yourself.  When you visit deal sites such as City Hits Houston, Groupon Houston and Living Social to name a few, you can find some wonderful health and beauty deals that are truly affordable.  Maybe you just need a massage to relax you or a few yoga classes to get your balance back.  If you don’t love the way you look there are fitness deals that will get you back in shape.  Have you been neglecting your teeth, your skin, and your wardrobe?  You don’t need to put your needs aside any longer because these deals have been created with you in mind!

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 I found a TRX on sale and use it in my room instead of paying for personal training at the gym.

When you take out the time to relax and spoil yourself just a little, the results will certainly pay off.  You’ll notice that everyone is happier when Mom is taking care of herself, and it will be worth every penny spent.

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  1. I love finding bargains. I call myself a frugalista. Groupon is wonderful here in Minneapolis area. The savings are a great way to stretch a dollar but still pamper yourself.

  2. i really need an at home workout because i dont have time or money for gym n its so hot outside now. this is something i might check ou

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