Do You Have An Instagram Account?

Do you love sharing pictures but get a little overwhelmed with Facebook drama? Now you can use Instagram as a fun, interesting alternative to Facebook.  Many users also use both Facebook AND Instagram to get the maximum exposure for their pictures.
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Simply put, Instagram is a photo sharing site.  Many users enjoy the fact that Instagram offers a fast, exciting way to share pictures with their friends and family members across the globe.  You can download the Instagram app through the Google Play store or through iTunes on your phone.  This is a free app, which makes it even better to use.  Simpy snap a picture of anything you like.  This could be a product you plan to review on your blog, a picture of your child being silly, or even a self portrait if you’re having a really, really good hair day. Then, use the different features on Instagram to transform your picture.  You can make it look more vintage, make the picture look softer, or even add a border.
On a personal level, I like my son to use Instagram to display his pictures instead of him having a Facebook account.  He will be in eighth grade this year and the junior high principal says that Facebook is now the biggest hangout for school bullies.  My son takes pics everywhere he goes and can now have fun with them online without getting involved in Facebook drama.
If you want to promote your blog, website, or company, Instagram is also a fun way to do this since you can interact very easily with your friends and followers.  Make sure that if you plan to use Instagram to market your blog or to promote products or services that you do take the time to interact with your followers.  Leave nice comments on other peoples’ pictures.  They’ll remember that you took the time to do so and will pay more attention to the things that you post from your own account.

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  1. I don’t “do” Instagram – as I don’t have a smartphone with a camera. Probably a good thing, too, or I’d be sharing waayyyy to much!

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