July 4, 2013 Texas Fireworks

boys July 4

We went to the Texas firework show last night and the boys had a blast.  Here they are waiting for the firework show to begin.


Here’s the first few fireworks of the show.  They were displayed over the water, and we watched right from the bed of our truck.

firework2 green

The parking lot was full and several car alarms started going off once the larger firework “booms” started.

firework3 red

My husband found the firework show on the radio, so we were able to listen to the corresponding patriotic songs as the fireworks were displayed.


This is one of my favorite pics.  My iPhone takes such great pics!

firework5 star

This year I saw lots of new fireworks.  We saw several of these stars and smiley faces as well.  Last night I was looking through firework pics on FB and saw the same smiley faced fireworks as we saw last night.  Have you ever seen the smiley face fireworks?

firework6 parking

The fireworks show was over around 9:30 and then it was time to fight the traffic.  It took us FOREVER to get out of the mall parking lot, too bad they couldn’t have had someone directing traffic after the fireworks show was over.  It took us 15 minutes to get there and over an hour to get back home, BUT we had a great time.  What did you do for July 4th?

3 thoughts on “July 4, 2013 Texas Fireworks”

  1. We stayed at home – we all had to work the next day. My least favorite thing about fireworks displays is the leaving – the traffic is always awful – and here in the EST – the fireworks didn’t start until 10pm. My little one is starting to snooze around that time.

    1. Yes, my husband had to leave for work this morning and it was hard getting up on time. We didn’t end up getting into bed until after 11:30 after getting kids showered and in bed.

  2. Our fireworks were cancelled this year, we had flash flood warnings till this morning. Sadly after several counties gathered these fireworks they wont reschedule 🙁 oh well for this year, hope they save them fireworks and add’em to next years lol 🙂 Looks like it was Beautiful there in Texas!

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