Mom Beam Toothbrush Review

I received a Beam toothbrush in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are 100% mine and not swayed in any way.  Make sure you check out the video above to learn more about the Beam Toothbrush.

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve had to remind my kids to brush their teeth, I’d be rich, or at least rich enough to give the Tooth Fairy a raise.  You can imagine how grateful I was when I came across this cool new toothbrush from Beam that incorporates the technology that kids these days love with the necessity of oral hygiene.  The Beam Brush is the first “smart toothbrush”: Using an easy and fun app, it connects to your smartphone to monitor information about your kids’ brushing habits, such as how long they spend brushing, time between brushings, and how much “brush life” is left on their toothbrush.   Another really cool feature of this toothbrush is that it uses a mobile rewards platform (Kiip) to track and reinforce positive brushing habits. This is a great way for your kids to set goals and receive rewards once they attain them.  What kid doesn’t like being rewarded?


Here’s the Beam toothbrush.  The box is very nice and resembles one that you would get your iPhone or iPad in, so of course my son was excited about checking this “smart” toothbrush out.  The first thing my son noticed about this brush was that it s’ front panel lights up and that is always a plus.  It is always fun to brush your teeth in the dark and watch your toothbrush light up.


I liked the fact that it is so easy to remove the brush head and replace it with a new one when the “smart brush” tells you it is time.  Have you ever had a toothbrush that could tell you anything?


Here’s my son’s phone with the Beam app.  He can go here to sign in and start his two minute brushing timer.


Here’s the 2  minute timer, it enables him to go into his iTunes account and pick the song that he’d like to use when he brushes his teeth.  I’m sure that you’ve seen the toothbrushes that play music while you brush, but they don’t allow you to choose your own song.  For kids that don’t have phones, they can even use their iPods or their parent’s phones.


Here’s the info from the back of the Beam box.  See how you can set up different accounts for different family members who have Beam toothbrushes?  You can also set goals and check brushing stats.  If you are a “tech – loving” person, you definitely need to check these out.  You can find them at  Do you have to push and push your kids to brush their teeth?  Can you trust them to brush their teeth on their own, or do you have to stand in the bathroom with them while they brush?

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  1. Times have changed so much! But kids are linked to their “screens” that we may find that they are integral to almost everything we do each day – including brushing our teeth. Such a neat idea!

  2. This is such an awesome idea! The technology these days just totally blows my mind! What a great way to get kids brushing their teeth properly 🙂 Thank you for this review 🙂

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