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I keep a lot of fruit in the house.  I think it is a great kitchen accent and also a great low fat snack for my family.  If you open our fridge, you’ll see containers full of watermelon slices and washed, individual grapes that have been pulled off the vine.  My family loves fruit, but they always eat more of it when I fix it up for them.

fruit bowl

Here’s a quick, fun fruit bowl that is easily fixed up for the kids.  All it takes is a few grapes and a half of a banana (I split the banana between both kids) and a cool appetizer spear.  You can also add orange slices, apple slices or any other fruit favorites.  My kids will even ask for this in place of chips or french fries with their meals.

The kids are always in a hurry to grab something quick to eat when they are busy playing outdoors, so I make sure to have the fruit washed, cut up and easy for them to access. Sometimes I even peel the oranges and place them in ziploc bags so they can quickly grab an orange on the go.  An apple slicer is also a great tool to have on hand.  The whole family will ask for apple slices when they see that I am slicing up an apple.  If you would rather not eat the apple peel, it is very easy to cut the apple peel off individual apple slices rather than peel a whole apple.

How about frozen grapes?  Have you ever tried them?  I read that frozen grapes are great for ice cubes and even flavor your water once they begin to melt.  What kind of fruit fun do you have at your house?

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  1. I have been eating a ton of fruit lately. It is a great way to curb the sugar cravings. Make sure that you thoroughly wash your fruit. I got hit by a horrible case of food poisoning from eating blueberries. I normally take the time to rinse them off several times before eating them. Of course, this afternoon I only rinsed them once.

    1. Oh my, thanks for the info! Sometimes it is just easier to pick up an apple and eat it rather than rinse it off, BUT I’ll make sure to wash those apples now:)

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