Rodan Fields Giveaway ENDED gave away a beauty package consisting of Rodan + Fields’ Sunscreen, Lipshield and Lip Dermabrasion valued at $56.  This giveaway is now over, buy you can check out Rodan + Fields products online through Sarah Ozaki’s website at

Have a look at the video below.  It contains helpful information about sun damage and tips on how to reverse it.

This giveaway bundle was awesome and could be used by all.  Do you ever re-gift giveaway items that you win or do you save them all for your immediate family?

Here’s a sneak peak at the body sunscreen. Let’s face it, when you have children of any age, you will be out in the sun a lot. Keeping that in mind I knew I wanted to get a tan but also show my skin some summer lovin’ with the protection that I need that would work and be good for my skin.  The ESSENTIALS Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Body Sunscreen by Rodan + Fields is formulated by the lead dermatologists in the field for all over body use. It is very lightweight, non-greasy and non-sticky. The Essentials sunscreen contains dimethicone, which is designed to protect your skin’s moisture barrier,  antioxidant vitamins C and E and protects your skin from environmental stress. The bottle even tells you on the front that it is water resistant for 40 minutes which helps me know when I really need to reapply. The cost is $24 but knowing that my skin is protected by sunscreen developed by leading dermatologists is worth it.



All items seen in the above picture were NOT included in this giveaway.  The added products shown above are for additional information purposes.

GIVEAWAY is no longer being offered.  The following are the instructions that were to be used during this giveaway period. Enter to win this AWESOME giveaway and remember to bookmark this post and return back to tweet out the giveaway for additional entries.  This giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 yrs. and up.  Good luck everyone!!!

112 thoughts on “Rodan Fields Giveaway ENDED”

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  2. I’d be most excited about winning the lip dermabrasion so I could keep my lips moisturized.

  3. Definately the lip shield. I live in a very dry and hot climate and I am always using something on my lips to keep them moist.

  4. I really want to try the sunshield from Rodan and Fields skin care as I hate to get sun burned and my granddaughters visit a lot and they need sun screen when out in the pool

  5. I would liek the sunscreen as I am always looking for a sunscreen that will not harm my skin

  6. I am really excited to try the Lip Dermabrasion. My lips are always dry and I would love to see if this keeps them smooth!

  7. I am most excited about the Lipshield because not only will it keep my lips moisturized which is badly needed, but it also provides SPF protection which is a nice bonus!

  8. I am most excited about the LipShield. I need all the help I can get with my lips as I get older.

  9. I am most excited about the lip dermabrasion since my lips frequently get junkie. It should help keep them softer.

  10. I am a sunscreen fanatic and always want to try new ones to find the precise one that works for me. So, I am most looking forward to trying the sunscreen.

  11. I’m most excited to try the Rodan + Fields’ Sunscreen – I’m outside a lot and I need good protection to keep my skin young and wrinkle-free

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  13. I am most excited about the lip dermabrasion. I want younger looking lips. I turn 61 on Monday and am going to get serious about my beauty routines.

  14. I would most like to try the lid dermabrasion stick, because it sounds like it would make my lips feel smoother.

  15. the packgae i am going to calf and texas with in 3 week and then hot sun so i need both thing

  16. Michelle Harasewicz

    The sunscreen because protection from the sun is vital in helping to prevent skin cancer.

  17. excited to win the sunscreen because it is quite expensive and really need it here in Arizona

  18. I’d like the sunscreen because I’m going away on vacation soon and will use it. Thanks!

  19. Id pick the sunscreen because its hard to find one that doesnt make your face look shiny and has a nice scent.

  20. Rodan + Fields’ Sunscreen because I am diligent about sunscreen and have not tried this brand

  21. for me it would be the sunscreen because I have very light skin and have a hard time finding good products.

  22. I am most excited about the lip dermabrasion and lip balm. My lips have been super dry this summer & could use some help!

  23. I think I would like the lipshield the best. My lips chap a lot and I bet this would help!

  24. I am more excited about the sunscreen because I am really fair skinned and so are my grandkids and I like to try different sunscreens to find the one that works the best and also is good to your skin.

  25. I’m most excited to try the lip dermabrasion – I’m obsessed with keeping my lips smooth!

  26. This is a great prize package.I’m most excited about the Lip Dermabrasion. I’m in my late 40’s and I’m showing my age on my upper lip,or what’s left of it.LOL! It’s funny how that’s the first thing to shrink.Thank you 🙂

  27. Rodan + Fields’ Sunscreen because I live in Florida and the skin is scorching here

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