“The Running Realtor” Strikes Again!

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I woke up this morning to find that Elizabeth P., who calls herself “The Running Realtor,” had struck again.  The last time she left her business card taped to my front door handle, I wrote “Big Solicitor No No” and also emailed her nicely to ask that she make sure that her helper’s not use tape on people’s door knobs because it strips off the color.  I waited for an email response, but never got one from this agent.

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Here you can see her tape, again it has been placed directly on my door knob.  I would rather clean tape marks off my side window than loose door knob finish with each one of “The Running Realtor’s” trips to my house.  You know she read my previous email because she had to be waiting for email responses after her cards had been delivered.

realtor door3

So, now more finish gone from my door knob thanks to Elizabeth P., “The Running Realtor” and her door to door tactics.  Do you think a call to her main office is in order since personal emails don’t seem to work with her?

12 thoughts on ““The Running Realtor” Strikes Again!”

  1. Definitely call her main office and tell them you expect your door knob to be repaired/replaced. If she comes back again, I would file a harassment report with your local police. You have the documentation.

  2. I would call – not sure it will make a difference though. Its much easier to say” tape one on every house” than to hand out an exception list. I hope you get the result you want.

  3. Oh I’m so sorry. I wonder why she keeps doing this. I think I would call the main office especially since the first e-mail didn’t work.

  4. You would think as a realtor she would have respect for your home. I’m with you about a call to her office. I’m all for marketing, but….this seems a bit annoying.

  5. How annoying and aggressive of her. Whatever happened to a flyer in the mailbox? I understand she needs to drum up business but this is a bit too much. If she isn’t answering your emails then maybe it is time to contact her realty to let them know this type of soliciting isn’t okay.

  6. That is so annoying. People don’t value you other people’s property. I have a no soliciting sign on my front door and people still ring my door bell trying to sell me something.

  7. you could call the city you live in and ask if there is an ordinance or something against it. i think if you put up a sign that says ‘no solicitors’ and she ignores it, you can have her ticketed.

    …and if you find there is an ordinance (trespassing, soliciting, etc.) you can email her a copy of it and tell her she has been notified and next time there will be legal consequences…and copy it to her boss…maybe that will get her attention.

    if this is an expensive repair/replacement, you could even take her to small claims court (if she doesn’t show up, i think you automatically win).

  8. Wow, that is so incredibly rude. If I were you I would post a ‘no soliciting’ sign by your door but I would also call their office and let them know the steps you have taken to only be ignored. People never cease to amaze me.

  9. That is a very rude and unthoughtful thing to do. I would contact her office and complain. I would think she’d know better, but some people obviously just don’t think.

  10. You could also call your local BBB and report her.

    Or for fun you could collect all of them and tape them to her office 🙂

  11. This is just unbelievable! You should contact her office.
    Realtors in my neighborhood stick a mini flag in everyone’s lawn with their card on it. Maybe you could recommend they do something like that, instead.

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