Twitter Is A Great Tool

we love advertising fotoflexer comIf you want to market your blog, your eBook, or even your blossoming company, you need to get active in the world of social media.  A lot of bloggers are uncomfortable with the idea of marketing.  After all, aren’t those things that just big companies need to worry about? Won’t it take away from the time you spend working on your company or penning your next book?  The truth is that using Twitter and other social media websites to promote yourself is very important and can not only help grow your readership, but can help you develop long lasting relationships with the people who follow you on your sites.
One of the best ways you can use Twitter is to market your giveaways.  Most bloggers offer giveaways at least occasionally.  This is a great chance to gain new readers and to give something back to the ones you have.  When you decide to promote a giveaway, remember that consistency is key.  Many followers also follow other people, which means each of your posts might not show up immediately in their news feed.  Post several times and not just once.  If you post once, quite a few people will miss the post.  Come up with a schedule you can work with.  For example, post about your giveaway once an hour or post once in the morning and once in the evening.
When you post about giveaways, always tag the people involved and make sure you use hashtags.  Things like #freestuff or #giveaways or #winbig can help you gain more readers and in turn, more entries in your giveaway.  Many people use Twitter to search for new giveaways, so constant posting will help you reach even more people than you have on your followers list.

4 thoughts on “Twitter Is A Great Tool”

  1. Twitter is one of my favorite marketing tools. It is easy to interact with others. Remember that if you are using twitter or other social media platforms that you don’t just self promote your business. This is a turn off for most people. In fact, you should engage with others and build relationships. Do share other people’s work as well. 🙂

  2. I love Twitter, and it so much “cleaner” (and fewer ads!) than FB – I hardly FB anymore and stick to Twitter and G+.

  3. I can back up your point that people find giveaways and new blogs from twitter. I find new stuff all the time by just watching my feed or searching for hashtags like you mentioned.

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