What Kinds Of Socks Do You Buy?


Do you make it a point to buy a special name brand of socks, or do you shop off price or cool colors?  I have tried lots of different socks and a lot of the time, those “cool colored” ones don’t make it very long.  I used to only buy white socks, but my family has moved towards the colored socks.  My kids think colors are fun and I like them because I don’t have the “dirty” white socks anymore.  I also don’t have the problem of sorting through all the white socks anymore.  Do you dread sorting socks?  Have your children play the sock matching game.

I see all sorts of cool socks on the women that work out at the gym, but I just haven’t found the right brand, because all my “cool socks” get holes way too quickly.  As for my husband, he wears whatever I pick out for him.  He never complains about his socks, but I have noticed that certain brands will shrink and then they end up going into my son’s drawer because they are uncomfortable when you try to “make them fit.”

Have you tried the Hugo Boss brand?  My friend, Elisa, who lives in the UK, says these are the only kind of socks that her husband likes to wear.  Do you have online friends who live far away?  I love hearing about her family and her interests.  She loves shopping the US children’s party stores, but the shipping time is horrible, so she has to really plan ahead of time.  Maybe I should take her advice and try out her husband’s socks of choice, it certainly can’t hurt, especially if these socks turn out to be real keepers.  What brands of socks do you buy?  Do you buy the ankle socks or the tall socks?  My 13 year old lives and breathes basketball so he wears high tops and tall socks year round!  Does anyone do that in your family?

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