Mom’s Thoughts On Buc-ee’s Store In Texas

buccees store

Have you ever been to Buc-ee’s?  It is a well known HUGE gas station / convenient store that is found in several locations in Texas.  You can see Buc-ee’s face on each side of their sign in the picture above.  My family loves to stop at Buc-ee’s when we are in the area and this weekend we stopped in and I took several pictures to share with you.

Bobbie Buccee

 Here I am with Buc-ee.  He said to say hello from Texas!

Buccees sign

When you are getting near Buc-ee’s you will see LOTS of signs such as the one above.  “Got Porcelain” – that is talking about the toilets…LOL  Buc-ee’s is known for being one of the best places to stop for a bathroom break.  There are tons of toilets and they are always clean!

buccees bathrooms (2)

Check out all the bathroom stalls in here and this is just one hallway of them.  There may be tons of people in line, but you never have to wait very long because of all the stalls they offer.

buccees crowd

Look at the people in this store, it is a mad house, but SO worth it.  If you pass by a Buc-ee’s, you have to stop in at least once to get the true feel of this store.  This store is very big and always FULL of people!

buccees sandwiches

They offer a lot of food, snacks and goodies here.  This is the area where you pick up your sandwiches.  They also have a computer ordering station where you can order your food of choice and they call your number when it is ready.  My husband loves the pulled pork sandwiches.

buccees pudding

 I LOVE the banana pudding!

buccees stuff

Here’s just a quick look at their Buc-ee gear.  Keep in mind, this is just one very small area, they sell items from fire pits, hunting clothes, candles to chocolate covered raisins, etc.  This is just a small glimpse into a trip at Buc-ee’s.  This is truly one of those pit stops that you don’t want to miss.

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