Did you Exercise This Week?

Bobbie sweat

Did you exercise this week?  I have started working out at a boxing gym and can’t wait to check the scale at the end of this week.  I usually work out for an hour three days a week, and do sweat, but after my boxing workout, I am soaking wet.  I took this picture today in the parking lot after my workout.  My clothes were soaking wet and I could have slid around in my van seats on the way home if I wanted.  Good thing I have leather seats or I’d have to cover my seat to keep the sweaty smell from setting in.

Everyone has a workout preference, whether it be walking, jogging, group fitness classes or etc.  Make sure you focus on taking part in at least one exercise session a week.  Remember,  you don’t have to jump right in with multiple daily sessions, just start off slow and work your way up.  Who knows, you may find something that you really enjoy and then you’ll look forward to each one of your exercise sessions.  Hopefully once you get into a regular fitness schedule, your family and friends will follow.  Remember to encourage them, exercising with others is fun and will keep you on track of your goals.  It is hard to purposely miss an exercise class when you know that others are counting on you to be there.

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