Gear Up For School With Duck Tape®

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It’s Back To School time and many schools have already opened their doors to our children.  Did you add Duck Tape® to your WalMart Back To School supply list?  There are so many creative uses for Duck Tape®.  My son used it last year in many of his school projects.  The great thing Duck Tape® is that it is very durable and comes in many colors.  Have you checked out the Duck Tape® selection at Walmart lately?  You can buy Duck Tape at Walmart if you have a location near you or check out their website.

Do your kids carry their school books back and forth?  How about making cool book covers for them?  This is a great way to get your kids geared up right at the beginning of the school session. All you will need is Duck Tape®, a ruler, your textbook that you want to cover and scissors.  Since Bobby is younger, we don’t cover his books entirely in Duck Tape® fabric, we just use Duck Tape® to attach brown paper grocery bags to his books so he can illustrate his covers with markers and crayons.

If you child’s teacher doesn want your child to use book covers, you can easily create an awesome decorated clipboard.  Check out the one I found on Pinterest in the picture below.

Clipboard covered with duck tape.

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Your child can also frame their artwork with decorate Duck Tape®.  Just outline their drawing with the Duck Tape® by placing the tape around the edges of the drawing and sealing on both the front and the back.  This will help the artwork from tearing on the edges and will easily provide an awesome framed look to the drawing.

What kind of Duck Tape® products have you created?  Have you used Duck Tape® in decorating your home? If you are short on Duck Tape® ideas, make sure to follow @DuckBrand where you can stay up to date on Duck Tape® Latest and Greatests!

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