Guest Post: You Can Play PS3 & XBox On All Your TVs

It takes me forever to set up my kids game consoles when they choose to move them from one room to another.  We tried placing the game consoles in the game room, but it never failed, the kids would want to play games in their bedroom on the weekend and then would want to play games in the living room so there was enough room for everyone to play comfortably.  This was fine, but I was always the one juggling all the cords and connecting  / disconnecting everything and it got old.  Did you know that it is possible to play your PS3 and XBox on all your TVs?  I was thrilled to receive the following guest post in my inbox.  I hope this content helps you as much as it did my family.

Play PS3 Or Xbox On Every TV In Your Home With An HDMI Extenderhdmi

Video gaming is taking on a whole new dimension with the proliferation of 3D high definition displays. New video games have improved graphics in order to enhance gaming experience. Additionally, video gaming companies have developed technologies in order for multiple people to enjoy games at the same time.

In fact, it is not uncommon to have a 3D television set in several rooms in the house. Individuals who want their gaming experience to reach a much higher level should use an HDMI extender. This tool allows them to enjoy their video games on several television sets.

A Unique Experience

An HDMI extender allows an individual to extend their existing HDMI cable without any sort of signal loss. This can be very important for Xbox and PS3 gamers who are playing online where a fast connection is very important. At the same time, it utilizes gold plated connectors in order to ensure corrosion-free and long lasting connections.

An HDMI extender also helps boost the HDMI signal in order for the display end to receive the signal from the original source as intended without video and audio quality degradation. However, people should remember that signal attenuation often limits an extender’s usable length in practice.

Although the price of gaming consoles has steadily decreased, it is still very expensive to put either a PS3 or Xbox in every room in the house. Instead, people should use an HDMI connection extender in order to transmit the signals that are coming from their gaming consoles to television sets that are located in other rooms.

Hidden Benefits

Another important advantage of using an HDMI connection extender for a unique gaming experience is that it is capable of transmitting 3D gaming graphics. At the same time, these extenders are designed to allow a maximum of eight connections depending on the quantity of television sets that people want to transmit to.

An HDMI extender can be easily connected using inexpensive cables such as Cat6 and Cat5e wiring. These cables are ideal for connecting gaming consoles in a home network. At the same time, they are lighter and more flexible than standard HDMI cables.

Additionally, these cables are much easier to run from one room to another. This is another reason why a person should check out an HDMI connection extender before purchasing multiple gaming consoles to solve their transmission challenges.

Countless Features

What makes an HDMI connection extender a perfect gaming accessory is that it is loaded with features to provide users a unique experience. One of these features is that it is compatible with a wide range of high definition television resolutions that includes 480p, 480i, 1080i, 720p and 1080p. At the same time, it is a plug and play device that can be installed in seconds.

What is great about this extender is that it has a metal shell that allows it to screen for radio frequency and electro-magnetic interference to improve graphics and create much smoother gaming animation while preventing lag in online games.

, has been working in the electronics and technology field for over 20 years. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise of HDMI Extenders with others; while continuing to grow his knowledge.

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