Internet On The Go Necessities


Here are my internet-on-the-go items that I carry with me while on a road trip.

Power Converter – This keeps  my computer and “hot spot” charged, as well as all my kids electronics that need charged.  It easily plugs into the “cigarette lighter” connection in your car and has the capability of charging multiple items at once.

Cell Phone Charger – When I have “quick work” to do, I work through my phone and need to keep a strong charge.  I keep a cell phone charger connected to my car at all times to make sure that I am never without charge when I need it.

Mobile Hot Spot – I use TruConnect mobile hot spot which allows me to have internet-on-the-go while away from the house.  This stays in my computer bag and goes everywhere with me.  There are a few “dead spots” on our road trips where I can’t get online access, but for the most part, this device is perfect for my area.

speck backpack

Computer Bag – You will also need a great laptop bag to carry it all in if you decide to carry your computer with you.  I reviewed a great laptop backpack from Speck that I loved from day one.  I have had it for a year now and it is still in perfect condition.  I expect to use this for many years to come and will definitely purchase another one from Speck when it is time.

Do you carry a computer around with you?  If so, do you have a mobile hot spot or do you use it in places that provide free WiFi?



7 thoughts on “Internet On The Go Necessities”

  1. I don’t walk around with a computer since I always have my phone which is almost like a mini computer. I always keep my cell phone charger with me. Don’t know when that battery will run out and I always have it plugged in whenever I’m close to an outlet. 🙂

  2. i seldom keep my computer with me (unless a long road trip or flying), but i do use my phone extensively-everywhere!! i love the mobile hot spot. it would be especially great for son #2 who is an over the road truck driver. thanks for the great info!

    1. You’re welcome Amy, I used to take my computer everywhere until I got an iPhone. Now I take the computer with me when we will be gone for awhile and my husband will be driving. My hotspot was about $100 but it only costs me about $10 a month and only $4 a month to keep it going if you don’t use it during a given month.

    1. There are some great power converters out there. I got mine at a truck stop because I was out of “juice” and had many hours on the road before we got back home. I may have paid too much for mine, but at the time I really needed it, so I bought one that was reasonably priced and have used it ever since.

  3. Wow and I thought I was bad. 🙂 I usually use a starbucks. Not only do I get coffee but the hubby keeps the kids busy while I am there.

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