Jello Birthday Cake Recipe

My friend Michelle used to get  Jello cakes on her birthday.  Her mother made them for her every year.  She said they really tasted great, but were even better on a hot summer day.  We were talking about her jello birthday cakes the other day and I asked her if she would grab the recipe from her mom for me.  Her mother  told her that it was very important to drain the fruit very well and do not use pineapple. WooHoo, canned fruit, that just made this recipe even easier!  She didn’t have any pictures of her jello birthday cakes so I grabbed a few online.

jello cake

Jello Birthday Cake Recipe

  • Prepare the Jello according to package directions.  If you want multi colored  layers  you will need to prepare each package separately and refrigerate  separately until it is thickened a bit before pouring into your mold.
  • First, add the fruit in the empty jello mold.  Remember, it is very important to drain the fruit very well and do not use pineapple.  Adding the fruit first will ensure that the fruit will stay more or less on the top.  If you are using a plastic mold instead of a metal mold, spray with some non flavored cooking spray before adding your fruit.
  • If you want to use different colored layers, add the first color of the refrigerated jello and stick your mold back into the refrigerator until almost done.   Then take  the mold back out and add the next layer.  Repeat this process until you are done with your layers.  Leave in the fridge until the mold is completely set.  If this is your first time working with a jello mold, I would suggest that you stick with the same color / flavor for your first time around.
  • Place the mold into a warm water bath for 15 minutes, to slightly melt the outer part of the Jell-O.  Use your fingers to gently pull the top of the Jell-O away from the mold sides.  Place a plate over the top of the mold, and invert it so that the mold is upside down. Jiggle gently. The Jell-O should come loose from the mold and remain on the plate.   If the Jello does not come out easily then try using a knife to gently and carefully go around the edges. Once on the plate either refrigerate again until you are ready to eat it or bring on the whipped cream topping and serve!!

In this day and age there are so many different molds you can buy in an infinite variety of shapes that will make your Jello Birthday Cake unique. You can play around with combining layers and certainly make more then two or you can make just one layer. If you don’t want fruit, then no problem, just leave that step out. Have fun and enjoy!

Check this  one out!

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