Kids Can Help With Home Organization

train track
Our kids have no interest in these train tracks any longer, but I still love them.  It’s time for me to make space and pass these on.
Summertime is one of the most exciting times of the year.  After all, what better time to play games, hit the pool, and go to summer movies on hot days?  Fortunately, summer also offers a lot of other advantages.  One of the biggest perks of summer is the chance to get some important cleaning done.  Whether your kids are young or old, summer means they’re out of school and able to help you with some of those “big” chores.
This year, tackle their closets.  Have each child go through their closets and make sure that all of the clothing fits.  If something is too small, ditch it.  Make sure all of their toys are working and still interesting.  If there’s something that doesn’t work, is missing pieces, or that your kids don’t like playing with, consider trashing it, donating it, or selling it.  Some items can be sold at a garage sale or even online and will give your kids a bit of extra cash.  That alone can be a great incentive to go through their rooms!
Summer also offers a chance to go through your garage.  This is a process that may take a few days, but get everyone involved and the time will fly by.  Put on some music and let your kids rock out as you check to make sure that all of your bikes are in working order with inflated tires, that all of your sleds are still in good condition, and that other items are working and have all of their pieces.  Remember, if something is broken you need to either fix it or get rid of it.  Never hold onto something “just in case” you might use it someday.

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