Moms Love to See Those Smiles


As any mother can tell you, seeing her child smile at just about anything will make her day.  Whether it is actually being that student who doesn’t cry when getting on the school bus for the first time, the kid who lets out a big smile over their first big Little League hit or the youngster who shows those teeth when getting their first pet, a child’s smile is priceless.

With that in mind, many moms make it a point to make sure their precious little ones don’t miss those annual trips to the dentist.  By going when scheduled, they keep up to speed on their dental needs, plus can be checked for any other potential problems in the mouth area.

So, how can moms make sure that their children are finding the right dentist to meet their child’s needs?  Much of it starts with reputation and the ability to deliver quality service at an affordable price, be it a pediatric dentist San Diego or in another part of the country.

When you’re looking for the right dentist for your little one, keep these factors in mind:

1. Reputations do matter – It is important to locate a pediatric dentist that is more concerned with service over making a dollar.  Yes, no one really works for free these days, but find a dentist who has your child’s health as their top concern, not how much they can potentially make from each visit.  Ask fellow moms who you’re friends with whom they might recommend, along with going online to do your own search;

2. Support staff – Even if your child is just going for a simple cleaning, no mother wants her boy or girl to be uncomfortable with the experience.  When reviewing dentists in your area, find out about his or her support staff, i.e. hygienists and even those working in the front office.  Do they come at each patient with a friendly and caring approach?  Are the hygienists willing to take time to answer any questions you or your child have during the visit (especially given since hygienists typically see the child for a longer period of time each visit)? Lastly, make sure the support staff is up to speed on the latest dental techniques and options for your child should they need more than just a routine cleaning;

3. Availability is important – Finally, as many moms can relate to, there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get all the little things done that accrue.  During the school year, it can be especially difficult for mothers to get their child or children to all the different activities each day comes with, sometimes including doctor appointments.  Look for a dentist who has suitable hours for your schedule, including those who offer weeknight and even Saturday availability.  Given your schedule is likely hectic raising kids and more, you want a dental office that not only understands that, but goes that extra mile for you, including when there is a dental emergency.

If you’re up in the air about a pediatric dentist for your children, take the time to find the right one, something you can all smile about later on.

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