Shop The School Supply Sales

This is the kids’ last week before school starts here in Texas.  I am looking forward to hitting the last minute school supply sales.  I will not necessarily be buying school supplies for the kids since I buy them prepackaged from the school, but I like the sales for myself.

Here’s how I use the school supply sales:

  • I like to buy folders for organizing my tax records.
  • I like to buy notebooks to use around the house.
  • The kids love to have new notebooks for road trips and doodling.
  • My husband occasionally needs folders and notebooks for work.
  • This is also a great time to restock your art cabinet with new markers, crayons, scissors, glue, etc.
  • I also check out the backpacks.  Do you have Operation Backpack in your area?  Several businesses collect “stocked” backpacks which are given to children in need.  I like for both of my kids to put these together and participate in this project.
  • Does anyone in your family need a new lunchbox?
  • Do you need a new backpack for vacation?  I like to use the ones that my boys pass down to me, but this year my oldest son will be reusing last year’s backpack and it is time for me to find a new one.

How do you use the school shopping sales?

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