Therafit Shoe Review / Giveaway ENDED

This giveaway is brought to you by BlogWithMom and Therafit Shoes.  I was given a pair of Therafit Sneakers to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

A good shoe is very important to me.  Since having major knee surgery in 2012, I really have to make sure to buy quality shoes to keep from having knee issues. I found Therafit and was very interested in reviewing their shoes.  I chose to review the Deborah Women’s Sneaker.  I have to say that this is the most impressive packaged review item that I have ever received from a company.  Check it out:


Can you believe Therafit took the time to wrap and personalize my Therafit shoes?  I was so excited, I just couldn’t wait to test them out so I put them on and wore them around the house.  I have to say that I felt immediate comfort once I put these on my feet.  My knee really has no “bounce” and feels tight and stiff most of  the time.  Wearing the Therafit shoes put the bounce back in my step! With this said, I have to say that I always look for “bouncy, cushioned shoes.”  I am not a fan for flat shoes.


The Therafit shoe is designed for a “personalized fit.”  There are three removable inserts that control the “bounce.”   I tested out all the different options with the three removable inserts and I quickly decided that I liked to wear all three inserts in my Therafit shoes.  Each insert makes a clear difference on the feel of the shoe, but for my knee support, I keep all three inserts in my shoes.

I have had these shoes for over a month and have been able to really test them out before writing this review.  I even wore them to Disney for a few days and my family hits these parks early and stays until the gates close.


As part of my knee rehabilitation, I attend two Body Pump classes at the gym and see a personal trainer during the week.  I made sure to wear my Therafit shoes to the gym so I could test them out on various exercises.  The shoes had great grip and were perfect for floor exercises where you had to hold yourself in place such as push ups on your toes, lunges, squats,  etc.  They were also great for walking and for use on the machines, such as the treadmill.  As far as the weight lifting Body Pump class, these shoes were fine until it came to lifting weights above your head.  These shoes have a rounded heal and can make you feel as if you could “rock backwards.”  I don’t have the full stability in my knee like I used to, so this makes me feel uneasy so I prefer not to wear these shoes to Body Pump.

I am very pleased with my Therafit shoes and will continue to wear them on a weekly basis.  I also plan to order another pair when I have worn these out.  They have never given me blisters and are not slippery on wet surfaces.  I truly give them any A+.

Therafit has given me the opportunity to give away one pair of their Therafit shoes, so make sure to enter.  In order to be eligible for this giveaway, you must be at least 18 years of age and reside within the U.S.  Remember, you can’t win if you don’t enter!  Make sure to bookmark this page and come back to retweet the giveaway every day for additional entries – Good Luck!!!!

211 thoughts on “Therafit Shoe Review / Giveaway ENDED”

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  2. If I won, these shoes would be for me because I desperately need new shoes for everyday wear.

  3. If I were to win, I’d use these shoes – great encouragement to get out and be more active!

  4. Diane @ Me, Him And The Cats

    I would keep these for myself. I work 3 twelve hour shifts a week in a factory setting so my feet need nice comfy shoes!

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  6. I would totally keep these for myself. I am in the market for some new highly comfortable sneakers. All of mine are worn out or really hurt my feet when I am working out. These seem perfect! TY 😉

  7. I would keep them. I dress for the gym most days (yoga pants and comfortable tennis shoes). Luckily we have a very easy dress code where I work, so I like to just go in gym-ready in case I get a chance to run to the gym during office hours. So I would wear them for everyday and for workouts.

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  9. I would probably get them for our daughter, because she does brisk walking with me for exercise.

  10. If I were to win the new shoes would be for myself and they would be for my nightly walks.

  11. I would use them for work. I stand and move around a lot. I would also use them at the gym too. 🙂

  12. These shoes would be for my wife! She doesn’t currently have a good pair of shoes and really needs these!

  13. My mom, her doctor just told her that she needs to start walking to get her to the weight she needs to be.

  14. I would keep the shoes. I need a good shoe with support. I would want to wear them during the day to work.

  15. I would give it to my mom. I hope that she will wear it to travel and go places that she hasn’t been too.

  16. I need good shoes because of many years of being over 250 lbs. I am 180 lbs. and exercise is a priority for me.

  17. If I win these shoes, I would definitely keep them for myself; I do a ton of walking and have a bad knee and a bad hip.

  18. I would give them to my sister. She is a waitress who works double shifts a lot. That is a lot of time on her feet.

  19. I would give these to my mom. After she injured her knee, she really needs good walking shoes to give her full support. 🙂

  20. I would get them for myself so I can start walking and exercising more regularly to better my health

  21. i have problems with my feet and legs due to a surgery so I would keep them from myself and wear them daily

  22. I had a heart attack last year. I have had serious leg and back pain since. These would be perfect for me to make daily walking easier.

  23. If I won this giveaway, I would wear the shoes. I have a flat arch on my left foot from an injury and it causes lots of imbalance. My knee often bothers me. I wear shoes with insoles, but these shoes look intriguing!

  24. I have a bad hip and hardwood floors. Horrible combination and I am always in search of the perfect shoe to wear in my general every day in my house.

  25. I would love these shoes because I’m an avid runner! It would be great to have a pair like these

  26. If I won these Therafit shoes I would keep them for myself and they would be for everyday walking.

  27. They would be mine and I would use them for every day use as well as walking (when it gets cooler, of course).

  28. I would use these for myself. Ever since I was about half way through my pregnancy my feet would hurt all the time. Baby is 4 months old and my feet are still not the same! I would love these because I walk with the stroller and doggy almost every day, these shoes sound awesome!

  29. I would keep them because I have foot problems. I would use them for everyday,walking, and exercise.

  30. I like the style of these shoes so Id keep them for everyday use. Shhh dont tell my girls!

  31. I would keep them for myself. I would wear them everywhere, Shopping, Walking and socializing

  32. I would keep them and use them for my morning walking exercise

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  33. I would be the one wearing these shoes for everyday use. Hope they would help my end-of-the-day aches and pains in my joints.

  34. They would be for me and I would use them for work and for walking.

    wendym at cableone dot net

  35. I’d give them to my granddaughter in college. She’d use them for walking around the campus and for exercise.

  36. I would be happy to win this for myself. I could really use a new pair of walking shoes.

    lyndsey.rullman at hotmail dot com

  37. I am in need of a new pair of shoes, so I would certainly keep them for myself. They would be great for every day use as well as walking and exercising. Thank you!

  38. i would get them- i need all the help getting in shape that i can get!! I’d wear them to the gym and walking

  39. I would get these shoes! I always make sure everyone has whatever they need. I’m the only one in the household who works and i work my butt off. I need a pair of shoes that would be good to my feet. My feet always hurt from work & I’m a walker/biker now since selling my car by choice. I deserve a treat! 🙂

  40. I would keep them for myself for everyday use. My feet hurt a lot so I think these shoes would be very helpful.

  41. I would use them every day. I’m having issues with my knees right now and I need a good pair of shoes to stay semi-comfortable.

  42. The shoes would be for me. I am hard on my feet and need good supportive shoes. I would use them for everyday and walking.

  43. If I won these would be for me! I would wear them everyday about town, walking & more. I would even wear them shopping & going to the movies or a concert! Anytime is a good time for Therafit shoes!

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