ThunderLeash Review: BlogWithMom Gives Seal Of Approval


Bobby and Dakota were sent a ThunderLeash to review.  All opinions are 100% my own and not swayed in any way.

The ThunderLeash is also called the “No Pull” Solution for dogs when it is transformed from a standard leash to a no pull harness.  Dakota loves to go on walks, but she loves to chase squirrels so I cannot take her on a walk without putting her choker chain on her.  I don’t particularly like to use a choker chain, but she is smart and knows when it is not on and will “walk me” if I don’t put it on her.  Don’t get walked or rather dragged along by your dog, remember who is in charge while on your walks.  If you need help with this, the ThunderLeash will do the trick.


Here’s Dakota ready for her walk.  The first time I put this “harness” on her, she bit at the ThunderLeash for a few minutes since its’ placement felt strange to her, but once she knew it wasn’t going to hurt her, she forgot about it.  Dakota knew that I had control of her with the ThunderLeash and she never tried to run on me.  Just like the choker chain, she will try to tear off across a yard without it on, but once she knows it is on her, she behaves.  My husband is very impressed with this leash and is glad that we don’t have to put the choker chain on Dakota anymore now that we have the ThunderLeash.  It is very simple to use and attaches right to your dog’s collar.  The ThunderLeash came with great directions and pictures, but it was so easy to use that I had it on her before having a chance to look for directions.  This dog leash also has a very stylish design and comfortable hand grip for you as well.  Have you also heard of the ThunderShirt, if you are interested in learning more, you can find my review HERE.


Here’ s a picture of her ThunderLeash up close.  See how it hooks on her and then wraps around her and fits into the side loop.  It never holds her “tight” unless she pulls at the leash.  It doesn’t hurt her, but it reminds her that I am in control and that she must not pull me.  I am not a control freak but Dakota was a VERY wild puppy and we had to have a dog trainer work with us in order for us to get control of her.  Once we gained her respect, we could enjoy her a lot more.  I have neighbors that are pulled down the street every day on their dog walks and it drives me nuts.  Since my knee operation, I am not stable enough to fight a dog while going on a walk, so maintaining control is important for both my safety and hers.


If your dog doesn’t pull on you and walks by your side, you can use this leash as a “regular leash” as well.  This leash makes a great dog training tool, but it is your choice as to how you use it.  Dakota is always spunky at the beginning of our walks, but by the end, she is dragging a little and almost walks right on top of my feet.  At this point in the walk, it is easy for me to swap the leash over as seen in the pic above since the “No Pull” position is best for when your dog is in front of you and there isn’t much “sag” in your leash.  I know you are supposed to keep your leash from sagging while walking, but on long walks, I do get tired and sometimes the leash isn’t as tight as it should be on the way back home.


Here’s Dakota, feeling proud and showing off her new leash.  She says “Bye, bye choker chain…….Hello ThunderLeash!  Do you walk your dog often?  If so, does she / he always behave?

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9 thoughts on “ThunderLeash Review: BlogWithMom Gives Seal Of Approval”

  1. this sounds like a great product! i’d love to try one on cooper…the super puller. we’ve tried just about everything else, goodness knows and i have an aversion to choke collars. might be a great training aid for the puppy too…so he doesn’t develop the same bad habits as cooper has!

  2. this is a great idea and i wish it had been around for our dog that passed away some years ago. she was so hard to walk, always pulling. she was also a mutt and oddly shaped, so was able to get out of any harness we put her in! will keep this in mind for the holiday gifts! thanks

  3. I love that this hooks right on to the collar. I always hated adding something extra onto their necks and I was never one for the chocker’s or the gentle leaders. I will give this a try next puppy we rescue. Anything to help my husbands favorite breed (husky) behave is a plus. Wonderful review thank you.

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