Weekend Get Away: San Antonio, TX


Living near Houston, it is a great idea to spend some time in San Antonio if you need a weekend get away.  Here’s the view from our hotel window.  You will see the Tower of the Americas which features a revolving restaurant.


If you are a first timer to the area, you have to check out the River Walk at night.  We were able to sit right on the water for supper.  Above you will see the guy who played for us while we read through our menu.


I took this picture while we were waiting for our meal.  The golden “ball” you see is the top of the railing post which outlines the water area.  There were ducks right under us in the water, just waiting for me to drop some food or throw them some bread.  You can see that the River Walk isn’t very wide.  You can see the bridge for crossing on foot and the other side which holds shops and restaurants as well.


They also had boat rides which were very popular.  There were always people standing in line to ride on the boats.  As the boats passed, you could hear the driver telling the riders about the area and town history on this guided water tour.


This is a view of where we ate our supper which we took from the other side of the Riverwalk.  There are many other cool places to visit in San Antonio, but for this weekend get away, we enjoyed the River Walk.  Do you have great weekend get away areas near you?  Which is your favorite nearby getaway destination?

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