Bobby: 7 Year Old Loses First Tooth

bobby tooth

Bobby is seven and has waited and waited to lose his first tooth.  For the last two weeks, he has wiggled this tooth just waiting for it to fall out.  He has everyone in the house touch it and wiggle it and estimate when it would come out.  When I picked him up from school yesterday, he was so excited then smiled wide to show me that he had lost his tooth.  We rode our bikes around the side of the school to get out of everyone’s way and then we took the picture above to send to his dad to show him that his tooth was finally gone.

bobby tooth2

The school has these cute tooth necklaces for the children to wear around their necks to hold their tooth in until they can get home from school.  Bobby was so proud of his necklace!  I think the necklace is a great idea, it is much better than a sandwich baggie or a sealed envelope like I probably would’ve gotten from my teacher.

bobby tooth 3

Here’s Bobby’s tooth.  The necklace was sealed with tape which he couldn’t wait to remove so that I could see his tooth.

bobby tooth 4

Time for bed, time to wait for the Tooth Fairy.  He has been asking me all week how much money the tooth fairy usually leaves and I told him that the Tooth Fairy usually leaves a dollar.  He had all sorts of questions for me:

Do you still get a dollar if the dentist has to pull the tooth out because it doesn’t fall out on its’ own?

How does the Tooth Fairy get in our house?

How will the Tooth Fairy know where to find my tooth?

Do we need to write the Tooth Fairy a letter?

Then he told me about his friend that had a big accident which caused his tooth to fall out.  The boy had to go to the dentist after his accident and when the Tooth Fairy came, she left him $20.  I told Bobby that the Tooth Fairy must have done that because his friend had an accident and had been in a lot of pain.  Who knows, maybe the Tooth Fairy felt bad for the boy so she through in a little extra.  What kinds of Tooth Fairy questions have you ever been asked or even had yourself as a child?


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  1. My son lost his tooth on our cruise in Hawaii. He was really worried and kept asking if the tooth fairy would find us. My husband pretended to call the captain of the ship and ask if the captain would radio the tooth fairy the coordinates of our ship so she could find us. It worked and the tooth fairy left him the money that night and he was soooo happy!

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