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AuroraeYoga.Com sent me a Yoga Gear Bundle to review.  All opinions are 100% mine and mine alone.

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This past weekend, I had someone ask me if I was remembering to put in a little “Me Time” each week.  This was the perfect time for me to tell her about my new workout program that Ruth, my personal trainer had designed for me.  If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you will remember that I had major knee surgery in May 2012.  Since then, I have been working on regaining 100% mobility in my knee which started with home recovery, and lead to personal training and 2 extra workout classes a week.  Starting in September of 2013, I had made great progression and was ready to move onward to a more stringent workout plan.

Here’s a list of my weekly fitness classes that I must attend:

BodyFlow:  Mix of Tai Chi, Pilates and Yoga

BodyPump:  Weight Lifting

Cardio Challenge:  Work at your own speed- running, skipping, push ups, lunges, all around workout

Maximum Core Strength:  Balance, hand weights, crunches, core workout

Kickboxing:  Boxing movements in a group class without physical contact

Adding new classes to my weekly workout meant adding personal training equipment as well.  I quickly learned that having my own mat was very important as many of these classes fill up very quickly and the early risers get all the equipment before I can make it to the class.

BodyFlow was my first Yoga experience.  When I first attended the class, I noticed that the other women all had Yoga mats, which I was not prepared for.  I used the normal thick gym mats and quickly found that they weren’t long enough or stable enough for me to use during the BodyFlow class.  I have always looked at those thin Yoga mats and have seen “thin and uncomfortable” written all over them.  My knee needs extra support and I hated it that I would have to use one of those thin mats.  After making it home from my first BodyFlow class, I started searching online for the perfect Yoga mat and that was when I found Eileen at AuroraeYoga.Com.  She was SO helpful.  I told her about my knee and my fear of slipping while standing on a Yoga mat.  I told her that I had no knowledge of Yoga mats and asked her to please select the perfect Yoga mat for me.  She said that the classic mat would keep my stable and also provide support.  She even threw in an extra “knee support pad” for me to use under my knees as needed throughout my workouts.  Eileen was so helpful and I couldn’t wait to try out my new classic mat and Yoga gear from AuroraeYoga.Com.

When the package from AuroraeYoga.Com arrived, I was thrilled to see:

  1. Midnight Blue Classic Yoga Mat
  2. Crown (light purple) full length Yoga Mat towel
  3. Aurorae Slip Free Rosin Bag

I couldn’t wait to use my new AuroraeYoga.Com Yoga Gear at my BodyFlow class.  I thought this gear would just be used once a week, but after using it, I saw how useful it would be in all my fitness classes.  The full length Yoga Towel is super absorbent and does not slip a bit when laid on top of your mat.  You wouldn’t believe how much sweat it soaks up when simply rubbed across your face one time.  I loved this towel so much that I just ordered 3 of their smaller sized hand towels, so I can use the small towels to wipe sweat without having to move the larger Yoga towel around to use for both wiping sweat and laying across my mat.  That strategy will work, but my classes are fast moving and there just isn’t enough time to reorganize your Yoga towel after removing it from your Yoga mat to wipe off.

yoga sweat

Here’s a look at the towel after I stood up from lying on my back while lifting weights in BodyPump.  I was wearing a razorback tank top.  Can you see the strap lines in between the shoulder / back sweat marks on my Yoga Fitness towel?

As far as the classic mat, it was the perfect mat choice for me.  Eileen definitely knew what she was talking about.  This mat is easy to grab hold with your toes if needed and it is slightly cushioned, unlike the other Yoga roll-out mats that I have seen at the gym.  It is like memory foam, where you move your feet around and you can see your last foot print for a few seconds before the mat forms back in place.  I am a heavy sweater, and after awhile in Yoga class, I decided to test out the Yoga Towel on top of my mat and I was sold.  No longer will I ever go through a Yoga class without this fitness towel covering my mat.  It felt great under my feet, caught all my sweat and made me smile to have such great, eye appealing workout gear.  If you would rather not use a towel on top of your mat, but you experience slipping in your bare feet while on your Yoga mat, AuroraeYoga.Com’s Rosin Bag can be easily used to apply rosin to your mat to stop slippage.  It is a powder similar to what you see gymnasts use and it can be easily washed off your mat after every use.

Thank you AuroraeYoga.Com for all your help and your quality Yoga Gear.

If you have questions about Yoga gear or need help, don’t hesitate to contact them at AuroraeYoga.Com.  They also have a very useful video section as well.  Remember, the only dumb questions or the ones you have, but don’t ask.

Visit their Amazon Store HERE

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  2. I have a thick gym like yoga mat and have been looking for something like this. I have minor knee issues and this mat seems great.

  3. I love that this towel is large enough o cover the mat. It would make it so much more comfortable for me when doing yoga in the morning.


  4. This has inspired me to pull out my yoga mat and towel that I won quite awhile ago. ( I hate to admit how long) I have wanted to learn yoga and I think it is time to get started. Thanks for the review.

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