Has GREAT Bike Locks For Moms & Kids

I was given the 6 foot Master Lock – 8220 D Cable Lock  to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine and mine alone.


Check out the look combination “bored.”  It is so much easier for me to remember a word combination than to remember a combination code.  That is exactly why I have a useless cable lock connected to my bike that can’t be used any longer.  I hadn’t ridden my bike in a long time and once I was ready to use  my lock, I couldn’t remember the code.  Now I will have to cut my old cable lock off my bike since it is physically wrapped and locked around the bottom part of my bike.

travis lock

This is what I saw just minutes of opening the package from  Travis, my 13 year old, had it out of the package and was selecting his own personal code for my lock!  He said he was fixing it up so that he could use it once my review was done and that I could use his old lock since his combination code was easy enough for me to remember.  Well, that was sure nice of him, huh?  This  cable lock is very easy to set up because my son likes to get things done quickly and avoid reading all the set up directions if he can.  He had his code programmed in this cable lock by Master Lock  in less than 10 minutes.

lock bike

Here it is, installed so quickly, just needed a screwdriver to connect the lock mount to my bike.   The mount includes a snap on / off connector which allows me to completely remove the cable lock from my bike in a click of a button, unlike the unusable lock that is currently stuck on my bike.

lock compare

Here you can see a lock comparison between the new Master Lock with the word combination and my old lock that is attached to my bike.  Can you see a difference?  The cable is thicker and the combination is easier to access than the smaller combo unit.

All in all, I highly recommend this Master Lock with the Word Combination.

  • It can be quickly taken on and off the bike
  • It allows you to set your own easy combination
  • The combination can be easily reset
  •  The cable is long enough to connect multiple bikes so you do not have to own a separate lock for each of your bikes.
  • The cable is thicker than the standard cable lock
  • The combination is easily maneuvered when you are in a hurry

Think about all the places that are within riding distance from you.  Could you start riding your bike to the grocery, to the Red Box, the bank, to school with your child, etc?  These are just a few places where my kids and I ride.  Biking is a lot of fun and great exercise.  Make sure you pick up a bike lock before going on bike rides where you will be leaving your bike unattended.  It would be horrible to ride to the grocery, to come out and find your bike missing.


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