Guest Post: 3 Essentials for Moms to Prepare Kids for School

School may be underway already, but it’s not too late to make a weekend trip with your son or daughter to the mall for a few necessities.  Perhaps you weren’t ready for the busy school schedule, there’s still time. Preparing your children to start off the year right is essential to their success and confidence.  When forming friendships, answering questions in class, taking notes, and growing as a student, it’s important to boost their confidence and set the tone for the entire school year.

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Moms, it’s your duty to ensure that they’re comfortable, confident, and ready to blossom into the beautiful kids you know and love.  Take a look at this list of back to school essentials.

1.      Highlighters, Pens, Pencils, Erasers

 Don’t leave your son or daughter without the right note taking supplies.  This seems like common sense, but often we overlook the most obvious items that contribute towards success in elementary, high school, college, and even in the professional world.

Your children should be having fun and making friends, but remember that the habits they form now may not dictate their future habits primarily yet they still influence them.  Being prepared to take notes, stay organized and attentive is easier with the right tools.

That’s why it’s a great idea to create an exciting trip to the local Target, Staples, or office/school supply store to let your kids pick out the pens, pencils, and highlighters of their choosing.  Let them express their personalities and get excited over the little things.

2.      Clothing that Lets Them Shine

Whether your children are entering 5th grade, high school, their final year of college, or the professional world, the right clothes help them express their individuality and shine.  For larger families it’s great to utilize hand-me-downs for the younger children.  Although this is a good cost

effective practice, it never hurts every once in a while to allow each child to pick out their own clothes, especially at the start of a new school year.

Their confidence in what they wear on a daily basis translates into the classroom and their social skills. Of course don’t allow them to wear a bathing suit to school, but give them free reign to choose shirts, shorts, jeans, pants, and the shoes that make them comfortable.

Don’t overlook the importance of shoes. A good pair of sneakers is only meant to last on average 6 months (wear them longer!), but even if it’s for a small time period.  Maybe let them pick out a nice pair of Nike skate shoes that are versatile and they can wear anywhere.

3.      The Right Laptop (For College Students)

For the new college freshmen, a laptop is crucial to their collegiate success.  If it’s not in your college budget, then maybe encourage them to take advantage of the university computer lab instead.  But these days laptops are more affordable and family friendly.

Check the back to school deals at all the local stores for laptop prices.  There are always sales around this time of year. When purchasing a computer for your child, consider these factors:

  • Durability – They need a machine that withstands the clumsy and reckless college world.
  • Battery Life – Students are constantly on the move, away from their rooms, forgetting power adapters. Longer battery life benefits them greatly when working on projects.
  • Memory – Their needs to be enough memory on the device to handle the countless projects, papers, assignments, pictures, and music.

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Also, don’t overlook the importance of a lap desk to prevent overheating the laptop.  Since students are always spending time with friends and on the go, their laptops spend a lot of time on their laps.

What’s on your back-to-school shopping list for your children?

Author Bio:  Abby Evans is a freelance journalist currently writing about the changing educational world and childcare.

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