2011 Honda Odyessy Outranks The 2013 Nissan Rouge


I would like to thank Streater-Smith Honda / Nissan for giving me this 2013 Nissan Rouge to drive while my Honda Odyssey is getting a hitch installed.  Since we sold our pickup truck, and bought the Porsche for my husband, the van is going to have to be the “muscles” for our trailer when we need to haul a load of mulch, etc.


I love my Honda Odyssey, but also love to test out other cars when I get a chance.  I am driving this 2013 Nissan Rouge for two days, so why not review it while I can get great pics for you.   This vehicle is easy to handle on the road and drives like a dream.  It is very roomy inside, comfortable to ride in and also comes with a back up camera.  It also comes along with an affordable price tag for a vehicle of this quality.


The back seat is also roomy and comfortable for the kids.  As soon as my 13 year old sat in the backseat, he suggested that I keep this vehicle in mind when it was time to replace the Honda Odyssey.


The back is great for hauling your groceries and even has a secret compartment right underneath the back cargo area.


I love the look of the 2013 Nissan Rouge and especially the color.  It is easy to drive and has a sporty look to it.


After driving this around town for awhile, I only found one thing that would keep me from buying this vehicle.  Look where I have marked the back end with the yellow symbol above, this area drastically affects your vision while driving.  It makes it very hard to see out your back end side windows and for this reason, I would not purchase this vehicle.  My Honda Odyessy is larger than this vehicle, but the windows are all very open and there are no “black out” areas in my line of vision while driving.  I test drove several makes and models and the Honda Odyssey was by far my favorite.


There was one more thing that drove me nuts, and is almost enough to kill a deal if I were buying a car.  Notice the Nissan Rouge keys or should I just say key fob.  There are no keys to this car.  You just carry the fob and turn the ignition without having the key.  I have heard stories of people starting the car, leaving the keys at the house and then not having the fob to restart the car once they are ready to leave the store.  I know that different models have different keyless foolproof systems  but for me, a  mom of 2 boys, I would rather be able to hide my car keys if needed.

Do you have a vehicle with keyless entry?  How do you feel about giving up your car keys?

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