Ju-Ju-Be BackPack Review / Giveaway ENDS 10/21

I was given a Ju-Ju-Be backpack to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are 100% mine and mine alone.


Ju-Je-Be has many new Fall arrivals for 2013.  After browsing through their site, I decided that the Platinum petals Be Right Back backpack would be perfect for me and my life on the go.  As an active mom of two boys, and someone who frequents the gym five days a week, a backpack is a must in my life.  

Check out their video to learn more about this bag.


This bag is the BEST backpack that I have ever owned!  It has SO many pockets and zippers and is very sturdy with quality zippers which is a huge plus when you are in a hurry.  How many times have you gotten your zippers hung on your bag and you didn’t have the time to stand there and fight the zippers on your bag because your family was continuing on without you?  For example, at theme parks, everyone wants you to carry their things, but no one wants to wait for you to place everything in your bag before moving along to the next ride / attraction.  Need help packing the perfect backpack, check out my backpack tips.


I didn’t have this bag very long before I had the perfect opportunity to test it out.  My son and I have been doing a lot of bike riding after school and today Bobby decided that we should ride our bikes to the grocery.  We just needed a few items, so I packed water bottles for both of us which fit perfectly in the two backpack side pockets, grabbed my keys, wallet and cell phone and we were off.  The outside bottle pockets come with Thinsulate by 3M, which keeps beverages warm or cool.

Check out the groceries that fit inside this bag.  It was roomier than I had expected.  It easily carried a box of ice cream sandwiches, lettuce, carrots, ranch dressing, apples and a large box of protein bars.  The backpack fit great and rode perfectly on my shoulders as we were on the way home with our groceries.

Since our trip to the grocery, I have turned this backpack into my new fitness bag.  Everyday I carry bottled water, a Yoga towel, a hand towel, weight lifting gloves, my keys, cell phone and wallet.  There are so many zippers and pockets, that everything can be arranged so I can quickly find it when it is time to leave the gym.  This bag also has DuPont Teflon fabric protector which protects against stains.  It is also protected with Agion Antimicrobial which stops odor, prevents bacterial and fungal growth and is environmentally friendly.  This is exactly what I am looking for in a fitness bag.  Just think of all those sweaty towels and workout shoes that will be stored in there on a daily basis.  Ju-Ju-Be saw to it, that this bag would be prepared for just about anything that comes its’ way.  This would also make a great diaper bag.  It even came with a matching memory foam changing pad, metal hardware and quiet magnets instead of the loud velcro that usually wears out over time.  Another great feature is the light colored lining used inside this bag.  It makes it a lot easier to track down your small belongings when the lining isn’t so dark.  You can also wash this bag in the washing machine, then hang it up to air dry.

Ju-Ju-Be.com is a great site to support.  Did you know that they are proud supporters of Breast Cancer Initiatives?  For every bag that they sell, Ju-Ju-Be makes a donation to Breast Cancer Initiatives.

Ju-Ju-Be.com is offering up a great giveaway for one lucky winner on BlogWithMom.com.  Entrants must have a US shipping address including those with APO / FPO.  The winner will receive the Platinum petals Be Right Back backpack, as shown above in my review pictures.  Good luck everyone, remember to come back and tweet this giveaway out every day for additional entries.

48 thoughts on “Ju-Ju-Be BackPack Review / Giveaway ENDS 10/21”

  1. It would be the perfect bag for two kids. I’m due with baby #2 in November. I could put some small toys/snacks for my older son, and the baby essentials for his baby brother!

  2. A little bit of everything.. I have 2 kids and when we go places I need to bring LOT’S of stuff to keep them HAPPY. This looks like a great & fun bag!

  3. i’d carry bottles and formula for whatever creature i’m fostering at the moment, extra dog treats, all my lists, coupons and extra socks….because i never know when i’m going to need whatever lol

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  5. i would carry my laptop,food,clothes and such when i go visit my family in a diff state! always need a new back pack for the small things i like to keep on hand

  6. I would use the bag as a long travel diaper page or even everyday because there are a lot of pockets to store extra diapers , clothes , and toys.

  7. I would use it for traveling. We do a lot of road trips and I would keep all sorts of activities, make up, and more in there.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  8. I plan to carry some small snack items, water bottles, and a change of clothes for when we go on our hikes as a family!

  9. Would use it for cloth diapers! and it would be great to have a bag so my little man could have his own for overnight trips! 😀

  10. With 5 kids ages 5 and under I would carry everything in that bag! And I’ll be selfish and say I want nice bag for myself 😉

  11. I have 3 children that are constantly on the go so it would be filled with all types of on the go things.

  12. I plan to carry snacks, books, and mittens in my backpack because I walk to the library to study.

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  14. I often use my bike for transportation instead of driving the car. I would use this backpack to carry a variety of things: pup supplies when we go to the dog park, items purchased on shopping trips, my laptop, etc.

  15. If I won I would give it to my first daughter who is going to college. Books, lunch and her phone.

  16. Cassandra Eastman

    If I win I plan on carrying diapers, wipes, snacks, juice, extra outfits for my 2 toddlers. Also, for myself my wallet, keys and cell phone!

  17. I have 2 girls, 3 and 1…the easier question might be what I wouldn’t carry lol. Snacks, clothes, diapers, wipes, toys, and the list goes on and on 🙂

  18. i would give this to my little sister because she plays alot of sports and this would be a great bag to hold her snacks and drinks thnak you so much for this give away.

  19. I carry a few things for me then some stuff for hubby and a ton of stuff for my three kids everything from snacks to hotwheels

  20. I plan on alternating between carrying gym stuff,lunches,weekend clothes ,and sewing stuff if I win!

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