Kids Need Special House Keys

Make your child feel special with a personal house key.  Both my kids carry house keys in their backpacks for emergencies.  My 13 year old has had a special house key a long time, but the 7 year old just couldn’t wait to get his personal key this year.  I took him to Home Depot and he picked out a blue house key with a light on it.  He was so excited to have his own key and especially excited that it lit up with the touch of a button.  The next day at school he showed his teacher and his friends his new key.  Now, he should never be at home without me, but just in case this happens or if we should accidentally get locked out, we will be prepared.  The school is very close to our house, so if I should ever lock myself out, I will be able to quickly get his key from him.  If our door has been locked from the inside and then you walk out and shut it behind you, then you will have locked yourself outside.  Unfortunately, this has happened to me way too many times, so when the whole family has a spare key, it really helps out.

BD key

His key is pretty cool and he is already wondering what he is going to do once the battery runs out of it.  Does your child’s back pack have a place to hold a spare house key?  If so, take your child to pick out a special house key.  They have everything from character themed keys to ones with lights like Bobby’s that come in red or blue.  Customized keys also make great stocking stuffers.  One year Santa brought everyone their own themed keys, my husband got a Texans key, and Travis got one with flames running across it.

Does anyone in your family have a customized key?  Do you hide an emergency key outside for your children to use or do they have their own keys?  Go ahead ask them if they’d like a key, I bet they will!

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  1. no but i just attached his to a pencil loop in the front pocket. i think maybe ill get him one when hes old enough (one now is for an emergency Ie mal mal picks him up and they come here.

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