Kids Would Love A Camping Trip


My husband and I used to have a camper and had lots of fun traveling with it.  One year we went to Florida and stayed on a camp ground right off the beach.  We were able to go night fishing, enjoy cooking outside and night time camp fires.  Once we had our first baby, I wasn’t able to help my husband get everything together and camping became more of a job for him then it did a vacation, so we sold our camper.  Now that our kids are older, we have talked about renting a camper for an upcoming vacation.  I know that the kids would have a blast.  We could all bring our bikes and enjoy the outdoors.

We have a state park nearby and we could even rent a camper or RV for the weekend and just get away without the need to drive a long distance.  The kids would love fishing and staying the night in a camper.  The kids would love to camp out in a tent, but the heat in Texas is just too much for my husband and I.  We wouldn’t enjoy our camping experience as much if we were sweating on an air mattress in a tent.  If we were going to camp out, we’d rather have the air conditioned cabin and bedroom area found inside a camper.  Are we spoiled – maybe a little, but why not be comfortable while away from the house?

Have you come across websites that offer used caravans for sale?   If you are looking to buy a camper, this is definitely your best option.  There are so  many people that buy campers on emotional impulses and then decide to get rid of them.  These are definitely the campers you need to purchase.  They won’t have been used very much and should be in great shape.  Check out the  map and find out how many state parks are in your area.  These were some of the best camping areas that my husband and I found.  So many memories and so much fun!



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