#Win miamariú $109 ARV Cosmetic Beauty Bundle ENDS 9/30

I was given a mia mariú bundle to use in facilitating my product review.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


MiaMariu.com carries all sorts of beauty products from fragrances, to cleansers, to hydrating stick gloss.  For this review, I was able to test out 3 hydrating stick glosses, a touch up de luxe kit with a small makeup brush, and samples of hydrating anti-aging moisturizer with SPF 30+, and thermal microdermabrasion set with refinisher cream and thermal activator.

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I chose Granada, Mia and Capricho for my hydrating stick gloss shades and like the way it feels on my lips.  The touch up deluxe kit comes in one set of colors, all of which worked great for me.  My husband loves me to wear makeup, but I am always in a hurry and don’t always take the time to get my makeup on before I leave the house.  This touch up kit stays in my purse and comes in quite handy when I meet my husband for lunch and forgot to put makeup on before I left.  The colors look great and it easily goes on, even if you need to use your fingers because you forgot to put the brush in your purse.  Trust me, this happened to me and the finger tips worked just fine for quick application.  This kit is so cute for your purse, and will definitely stay in mine, along with the small applicator brush that goes with it.  The kit is meant for makeup touch ups to keep your makeup looking radiant all day long, but if you are like me and are in a hurry, this touch up makeup kit is a real life saver.


Check out the colors of the touch up mia mariú make up kit.  You have foundation in the circle, with blush underneath and eyes on the side.  It is just perfect!  As for the hydrating stick gloss, they passed the Texas heat test!  I keep lipstick / gloss everywhere, including in my van which sees Texas temperatures of 105 + especially in a hot van.  Great job mia mariú!  I need gloss that can stay in my van without me worrying about it melting on me until the temperatures cool down in Texas.  Have you ever had lipstick melt on you in your vehicle, it can be very messy!


Here are the sample packages I received of the hydrating anti-aging moisturizer with SPF 30+, and thermal microdermabrasion set with refinisher cream and thermal activator.  The  moisturizer had a great cover and the thermal microdermabrasion set made my face SO smooth!  Just ask my whole family about  my face.  I had each one of them touch it after I was finished testing it out for the first time.  13 year old boys really don’t like to rub their mother’s face for smoothness, but it just had to be done…LOL.   You could feel the heat in your hand as you rubbed the refinisher cream and thermal activator together before rubbing on your face.   It would be great to use in the shower right before washing your hair.

Thank you mia mariú, I loved your products and love the benefits of keeping your Touch Up De Luxe Kit in my purse.  Also, thank you for offering this awesome mia mariú gift set to my readers!

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mia mariú bundle ARV $109

One winner will have the option to choose 3 colors of choice for their hydrating stick gloss

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62 thoughts on “#Win miamariú $109 ARV Cosmetic Beauty Bundle ENDS 9/30”

  1. The lip gloss that can withstand the heat of a car definitely has my attention! Since I have “old” skin I love getting small samples of micro dermabrasion since I also have super sensitive skin and prefer trying it out first!

  2. As much as I love makeup, what catches my eye the most is the Adorame Eau de Parfum because I have an affliction of wanting to try almost every fragrance I hear about and it sounds really nice.

  3. the lip gloss in ‘romance’ because i love lip gloss. its the only beauty product i can’t live without 🙂

  4. I like the Vainilla

    Liquid Foundation
    CLF01 because it looks like it would create a beautiful finish to my complexion.

  5. Uniquely You Touch Up Kit.
    I always find myself drawn to eye shadow kits, but end up buying individual shades instead.

  6. I really like the Glamorous Eyes Collection Azabache/Rosa. I actually like the entire glamorous eye collection. The colors are wonderful colors without being to over done.

  7. I personally have never heard of this brand. With that being said I am certain my wife would really enjoy having it. Especially since we have two children and she often sacrifices things she wants and/or needs to ensure the children are taken care of.

  8. I like the Refreshing Foaming Gel Cleanser. My skin goes through phases of dryness and oiliness so my facial wash is important in my daily routine.

  9. I like the intense eye liner. I love bold noticeable eyes and it takes a great eye liner to do that

  10. Vainilla

    Liquid Foundation
    There are several shades of fair and this one I think would be the closest to my shade, also I have never seen mineral liquid foundation before

  11. I like the Uniqunely you deluxe touch up kit because it is compact and everything that i made need is in one.

  12. The hydrating stick gloss because I have to keep something on my lips at all times because my lips are always so dry and it might moisturize my lips better than other products.

  13. I really love serums and the brightening serum is one I would love to try I have tried other less well known I think this one may work

  14. The hydrating anti-aging moisturizer with SPF 30+ because I think it would be good for me when out in the sun.

  15. I like the Perfecting Finish Mineral Cream Foundation because it look easy to apply with light coverage.

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