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My son’s school mascot is a Panther and all their personalized school shirts and car magnets have paw prints on them.  There are many other elementary schools in our area that also show off paw prints on their school memorabilia, but their prints are shown in a different color than ours.  As a proud mom, I would like to wear my son’s school paw print, but don’t always care for the tee shirt designs that are sold at the school.  Today I found the perfect paw print accessories on  They have paw print bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more.  The best thing about my new find is that now I can score paw print items for myself and my son’s teachers that are different from the ones that are currently sold at the school.

This year my son came home from school and wanted to find this paw print water bottle that a few of his classmates were bringing to school.  I was all for purchasing it for him, so we searched the school website and couldn’t find any water bottles like the ones his friends had.  When I went through his school folder, there it was…. a $75 membership PTO package that came with PTO membership, pen, insulated tumbler, t-shirt, directory and “note from home” memo pad.  I hate that the school does that.  They know other kids will want the extra stuff like the insulated tumbler and the only way for the kids to get the extras if for the parents to pay for the $75 package which I am not going to do.  Children shouldn’t be played against their parents to buy an upgraded PTO package.  I do not believe this is right.  I believe that all  the extras should be offered at a price and sold individually so as not to leave children out whose parents do not  purchase the $75 upgraded package.    They even have a $200 package which includes PTO membership, 2 pens, 3 insulated tumblers, 3 t-shirts, directory, “note from home” memo pad and 2 car decals.

I used to teach school in Louisiana and none of this ever happened there.  The school was very focused on not making any children feel bad about something that their parents could not afford.  For example, as a teacher, I wasn’t even allowed to wear name brand sneakers that my students would want.  I had to wear generic white sneakers as to not “show off” shoes that some of my students may not be able to afford.  At the time, I thought my principal was ridiculous in this request, but now I think my son’s school is even worse in setting up these high priced packages in hopes of making a little extra money by throwing in items that can only be purchased through their upgraded PTO packages.

Does this happen at your school?  If so, to what degree?

6 thoughts on “Paw Print Accessories For School Mascott”

  1. yes, it happens here and it’s wrong! wrong! wrong!

    i think the principal at your old school was a wise man (or woman)….i wish others would have his common sense!

  2. Wow… no, thankfully I have yet to get anything like this from my kids school. The only thing we received was a chance to purchase a class shirt for $6.00…. I would be furious

  3. SO we have dolphins and seminoles as our kids school mascots, and I tell you what…I know the school has to make money but it cost so much and the quality is terrible. Yearbooks cost a lot, shirts cost a lot, everything is expensive, even pictures have gone up in price…it’s just terrible.

  4. $75 is not even a small charge.
    My son’s kindergarten class nickels & dimes us all year on things. We play along but it does get old when it’s a couple of times a week that they’re asking.

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