Dakota & Bobby Review ThunderToy / Thunder Treats

I was given a ThunderToy and ThunderTreats to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine and mine alone.

thunder treat 1

I have to say that my family members are definitely fans of  Thundershirt.com products.  My 7 year old son Bobby and our dog Dakota have reviewed the ThunderShirt, the ThunderLeash and now the ThunderToy along with the ThunderTreats as seem in the picture above.

thunder treat2

Check out the info on the Thunder Treat bag.  These treats are designed to calm your dog, but in reviewing the Thunder Toy, we were not able to wait for a “calming” situation.  Bobby had the treat bag open before I knew it and Dakota was snacking away.

thunder treat 3

The ThunderToy would been a life saver for us if we would have had it when Dakota was a pup.  She chewed up everything:  bed pillows, toilet  paper, trash from the kitchen trash can, etc.  This toy could have kept her chewing on the toy and off our household items.  The treats have a very good smell for the  dogs.  After I handle them, Dakota continues to smell my hands, looking for more.  This toy was designed so you can stick a few treats inside and they rattle around, letting off smell and inviting the dog to try to get them out.   These Thunder Treats contain Chamomile and  Lavender.  Other treats will also fit inside this toy, but the purpose of the ThunderTreats is to calm your dog, which as a puppy, Dakota needed very badly.   She was very rambunctious and into everything.

thunder treat 5

Here’s Dakota, she knows the treats have been placed inside and she is determined to get at them.

thunder treat 6

At first, neither Bobby or Dakota liked the ThunderToy, but within minutes, they were both playing with the toy and loving every minute of it.  Dakota loved the ThunderTreats from the get go, but didn’t know about the hard plastic ThunderToy that held the treats.  Check her out in the picture above, look how focused she is on the ThunderToy in Bobby’s hand.

thunder treat 7

Once playtime is over, Bobby rewards Dakota with her treats.  It is so sweet how much those two love each other.  Do you have a dog that needs a chewing distraction or one that just loves to play with toys?  If so, Dakota, Bobby and I urge you to look into the ThunderToy.

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