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Have you ever been to a professional football game?  We live near the home of the Houston Texans, and are able to attend the games in the Reliant Stadium.  I got some great shots at the last two games that I’d like to share with you.  Even if you aren’t a die hard football fan, a trip to a professional football game is truly an experience.

texans 1

This was from one of the preseason games, guess who we were playing, that’s right Texans vs. Saints and this player just can’t make up his mind who to root for.

texans 2

Here are my boys, they both love to show off their Texans jerseys and Bobby even wears football pants, cleats and his helmet to the games.

texans 3

Here’s a shot of Reliant Stadium way before the game started up.  We like to go early, participate in the outdoor activities and browse through the shops full of Texans Fan Gear.  Soon these seats will be jam packed with people.

texans 4

Time for the line up!  Check out the fire and smoke, that is Bobby’s favorite part.

texans 5

Here’s a shot of the crowd on the way inside the stadium.  Lots of people, so make sure to arrive early.

texans 6

This year the NFL has a new public safety rule and only see through bags of a certain size are allowed in the stadium, no diaper bags, backpacks or etc.  This week they gave away see through bags to the fans that could be carried in the stadium.  Great bags, but you would’ve thought they would have stayed away from the orange color, remember, this IS the Houston Texans game.

texans 7

There is usually a group being sponsored in this area.  Last week it was players from PercussionOne.org and I have to say, their drum line was pretty good!

texans 8

After an over time, the game is now ended and Houston Texans defeats Tennessee Titans.

texans 9

Now it is time to check out the fans.  Isn’t she cute with her ear protection on?  She was such a good baby throughout the entire football game.

texans 10

Bobby is showing you how mean the Texans can be while on the field.

texans 11

Here’s another wild and crazy fan.  If you haven’t ever attended a professional football game, get ready there are all sorts of cool hats, masks, capes, etc. worn by the fans.

texans 12

After the game is over, it is time to fight the traffic back home.  This picture was shot from floor 6 near the escalators.  Look hard and you will see all the people walking back down to their cars.  The large building that you see is the Houston Methodist Training Center, Home of the Houston Texans.

Have you ever attended a professional football game?  If so, which game / stadium did you visit?

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