Baby Monitors Gave Me A Feeling Of Added Security

Travis Bobby babies

Bobby and Travis 2006

Kids grow up so fast!  I was reading through my Facebook stream and came across a few pictures where women were seen with their babies, only to say that their babies are now growing up and will soon have their next birthday.  I can remember my pregnancies and how nervous and protective I was with each of my children.  Neither of them ever slept in our bed with us, but both of them slept in the same room with us in a playpen until we felt that they would be alright in a room by themselves in their baby beds.  For my first son, we had the baby monitor that looked like a small television.  We had the camera mounted in the corner of his room where we could watch him from our portable television monitor.  I took that monitor everywhere with me.  I can remember sitting outside on the back porch watching the monitor and even placing it in the bathroom with me while I took my bath.  I can even remember showering while he was in his stroller watching him through my glass shower doors.  I was so afraid to leave him alone.

When the second baby came, I was very worried that something would happen to him because I had lost a baby at full term, just two years before.  I was nervous throughout my entire pregnancy and made sure to get the best monitor I could in order to ensure peace of mind once our newest addition was here.  We bought the monitor that can be placed under the mattress that would go off should the baby stop breathing. I had also heard that babies that used pacifiers were at less risk for SIDS, so I instilled the love of the pacifier in my son by giving it to him every time he blew it back out until he decided that he liked it.

Well I made it through the sleepless nights, toothaches,  terrible two’s, and everything else that comes along with growing baby boys.  I haven’t personally needed a baby monitor in quite awhile, but I have looked at a few from to use as shower gifts.  What kinds of baby monitors did you use with your kids?  Which ones were your favorites?

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