Cell Phone Picture Helped Doctor With Diagnosis

Bobby eye bite

How many times have you taken someone to the doctor to complain of an issue that was no longer visible by the time you go to your appointment?  One night we put Bobby to bed and within minutes he came into our room looking like the picture above.  He eye was swollen underneath so we gave him Bendryl and watched him through the  night.  The next morning, his eye looked much better but you could tell that the swelling was coming back, so I gave him another dose of Benedryl and took him to the doctor.  By the time the nurse came into the room, the swelling had cleared up.  Thanks to my husband’s cell phone picture from the night before, I was able to show the doctor what his eye looked like before he took the Benedryl.

Use your cell phone cameras, take pictures, you never know when you will need them.  The doctor was able to diagnose the problem, and Bobby was given the right medicine and everything cleared up.  Remember, pictures speak louder than words.  My description just wasn’t as clear as being able to show the doctor this picture.  I know that I have personally went to the doctor complaining of something that was no longer visible by the time I made it to the doctor.  That is so frustrating, you know there is a problem, but you feel silly because the doctor can’t see what you are talking about.

This summer I got a skin infection from the sweaty mats at the gym, which spread across my face.  The doctor gave me one medicine that made me worse, so I took a picture with my cell phone.  I made another appointment and stopped using his medicine and my face looked better once I arrived.  He didn’t want to prescribe any different medicines until he saw my picture, then he agreed that a different treatment was necessary.  Sorry, my face looked so bad, I just can’t share my picture online…LOL

Have you ever used a cell phone picture to explain yourself?  If so, what did you use it for?  If not, can you think of a time that  a cell phone picture would have really come in handy?

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