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Carve pumpkins

Have you had a chance to carve your pumpkins yet?  We carved our pumpkins this week.  Some years we carve craft pumpkins and some years we carve real ones.  The craft pumpkins are great because you can keep them from year to year, but they are a lot harder to carve than the real pumpkins.  Last year we broke two of the small pumpkin cutting tools before we were finished with our designs.  If you choose to go with the craft pumpkins, make sure to pick them up early because they tend to sell out quickly in our area.  Also, make sure that you store them away from the attic heat because they will not hold their shape if stored in extreme heat.

This year we used the pumpkin design books that came with the carving tools.  We did break one small knife tool, but we got great results with this kit.  The kids had a lot of fun and were very proud of their finished pumpkins.  Do you remember carving pumpkins when you were a kid?  We didn’t use any design books, just a knife and our imaginations.

pumpkins lit

In order to keep our pumpkins from rotting before Halloween night, we placed them in our living room to enjoy until Halloween night.  Have you tried the flashing lights that can be placed inside your pumpkins instead of using candles?  This was a great idea because you no longer have to worry about the unattended lit candle sitting on your front porch all night.

Have fun, but remember to be safe this Halloween.  Make sure to go over “stranger danger” rules and Halloween night safety tips with your children before leaving for the night.

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