Get Your Halloween Decor In Place

If you haven’t decorated for Halloween yet, be sure to get started this weekend.  Halloween decorations are so much more enjoyable when you get them out early enough in the month.  Rushing to place Halloween decorations around the house at the last minute is no fun and before you know it, you have to put them all back away again.  We were able to get our decorations out last weekend at the end of September.  Each year we add a little more to our Halloween collection, as well as get rid of the older, non working decor.  This is also the time when I begin to watch the stores for Halloween items that I want to come back around and grab from the after Halloween clearance sales.  Make sure to check out the selection at Walgreens, I always get lucky at their holiday clearance sales.

halloween steps

The two “men” hanging from the stairs are very big and meant to be hung outdoors, the one on the right has a very long cape and would be perfect for a tall tree, but I wanted to keep these indoors so we could enjoy him for many years to come.  The first hanging “man” we had only lasted 2 years outside because of the rain and the wind kept twirling his capes which caused large knots.  All three of my “hanging men” were found in a Walgreens clearance sale.

halloween witch

She was the last witch standing at Home Depot one year and she stirs a cauldron, shakes her hips, cackles and her eyes light up.  We bought her as “display only” so we didn’t get the cauldron set up for the actual smoke, but we wouldn’t have used the cauldron smoke inside the house anyways.

Halloween mantle

As for everything around the mantle, it has been collected over many years of Halloween.  We even have a ceramic skull that my husband bought at Disney many years ago when he was a child.  See the craft pumpkins on the bottom, they are easy to make and you can reuse them every year as long as they stay out of the attic heat.  Check out “How to carve a craft pumpkin” if you are interested in making one of these this year.  It is a great alternative to carving real pumpkins.

halloween house

As for the Halloween blow ups, they are new this year.  Our 7 year old has been asking for these for awhile now, so we caved in and bought a set of them this year.  The pumpkin faces light up at night.

halloween cat

The cat blow up was the 7 year old’s blow up of choice.  The cat’s eyes light up and change colors.  Do you like Halloween decorations?  If so, what is your favorite Halloween decor?

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