Guest Post: Tips For Converting Nursery to Big Kid’s Room

Enjoy this guest post which was sent in by my UK friend Isabella.

Travis Halloween baby

This is my 13 year old son, Travis.  His baby room theme was Winnie The Pooh.  How time flies!

It’s both a sad and happy time when your once-little baby turns into a school-age child.  It’s a big step in their life and it’s often around now that parents realise their ‘baby’s’ nursery is ready to be updated to big child’s room.  This will help your child feel grown up and special and may also be necessary to create space for the extra things they need — more books, space for a uniform and somewhere to do homework in future years.

Choosing a theme

Although your child might ask for a theme based on their favourite character of the moment, be it Fireman Sam or Disney Princess; try to go for a more general theme.  Kids’ tastes change quite rapidly, especially in that first year at school.  Their favourite pre-school characters will start to seem babyish to them soon and then you will have to change it all again.  More general themes such as sea life and pirates, the jungle or space may be better.

New furniture

You will probably already have the jump to a ‘big boy’ or ‘big girl’ bed but if your child is still in a cot bed, now’s the time to get a functional single bed.  Great options include bunk beds which have a desk fitted underneath.  They may not yet get homework which needs to done sitting up at a desk, but blink and they will be being sent home with maths you can’t even remember how to do yourself!

The other thing they will suddenly have lots of are school-uniform clothes — not to mention P.E. kits, swimming kits, football kits and all the rest of it. You may need a new chest of drawers, or possibly just to have a big clear-out of their old clothes.  A new lamp is worth considering too, as in just a short time your child will be able to read unaided and may even want to read themselves the odd bedtime story.

New clothes

As well as making them feel special with a newly decorated room and grown-up furniture, there may be a few new clothing items you can get too.  Obviously, in general they will need fewer leisure clothes now that so many days are spent in school uniform.  However, their all-in-one sleep suits might seem babyish and getting some grown-up boys pyjamas or big girls’ pyjamas is a great way to encourage them into bed early on a school night.

travis room

Here’s a pic of Travis’ wall above his bed.  He loves basketball!

Less is more

Whilst it’s easy to get carried away, remember that less is more in a bedroom.  You don’t want a room with so many toys and so much wall decoration that it distracts them from the main event — sleeping.  Make books and reading the focal point of their bedroom rather than loud toys or any electrical items. A nice reading rug and some cushions will make the reading corner more enticing too.

Going to school is a landmark phase in a child’s life and one way to recognise this is to update their nursery into a big girl’s or big boy’s room.  A grown-up bed and a personalised space will boost their self-esteem and show them how brilliant you think they are for starting school.

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  1. I completely agree on that the children really require some new thing while they move to school as they expect many things then and they really need and moreover they are essential for their growth in positive direction too. I really admire you for such a nice write here.

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