Guest Post: Start Getting in Shape with These 4 Motivational Tips

As you get older, the need to exercise and get in shape becomes increasingly vital to your health.  As I begin to exit my young adulthood years, I’ve witnessed many of my peers who were once in shape (or at least had the appearance of being in shape), gain weight, fall out of shape, and struggle to walk up a few steps of stairs without losing breath.  The days of relying on our youthful metabolism are over (especially since the majority of us are far less active than our young teenage years).

Getting in shape is far easier than most people think.  Yet most people are don’t take steps towards a more active direction because they feel like they don’t have enough time, it’s too late, or they don’t care.  Don’t let yourself fall into this trap.  Here are 4 motivational tips to get you in the best shape of your life!

  1. Make Exercise a Priority

If you ask anyone that remotely knows me, they know that I’m a fitness nut.  In order to get in shape, you must treat exercise like a job.  It has to be treated like a priority.  If you don’t take it seriously, you’ll never make any progress.  I’d be willing to bet that your top priorities in life are family and work.  You commit to treating both with top priority.  Shouldn’t your body be one of your top priorities?  In fact, if you were to ask me, it should at the very least come before work.  Make caring for your body a priority.   When you make your weekly schedule, plan how many and which days you plan on exercising.  Your body will thank you later on in life!

  1. It Doesn’t Take that Long

Ever since my freshman year in college, I haven’t gone to the gym less than 3 days a week (unless I was injured or sick).  I wouldn’t let holidays, travel, injury, or sickness keep me from the gym for more than 10 days.  For over 11 years, I’ve become a fitness nut.  And for the past 3 years, I’ve crunched my workout time to less than 60 minutes (and that includes warming up, working out, stretching, and a quick shower and lunch to go before heading back to work).

I consider myself above-average to near athlete in my level of intensity and activity, and I spend just about an hour in the gym, 5 days a week.  Think about that.  I can achieve an intense workout session in just an hour.  For someone looking to just get in shape and improve their health, you could cut that time in half.  In fact, you could get a quality workout in 30 minutes (5 minutes to warm up, 20 minutes for the workout, and 5 minutes for stretching).  Furthermore, if you’re really crunched for time, Beach Body has a 10 Minute Trainer Workout.  (Check out these coupon codes on Beach Body from SelectAware products for some extra savings if budget is an issue).  If you can’t spare 10 minutes a few days a week, then you’re just looking for reasons not to take care of your body.

The most common excuse I hear is “not having time to exercise.”  Being injured or sick is a legitimate reason to not exercise.  Time is not.  Everyone has 90 minutes a week (three 30 minute sessions a week) to spare for exercise (and if it’s hard to squeeze, then a few 10 minute sessions from Beach Body can suffice).  Remember, your body is a top priority and it deserves at least a couple hours a week required to take care of it.

  1. Make it Fun

For some, the idea of lifting weights or running on a treadmill can be boring.  I won’t deny that even I will find those activities difficult to push through at times.  Personally, I combine my workouts with playing basketball and self-defense classes.  I use my workouts to improve my performances in those activities.  It gives me the satisfaction of being better at those activities while having fun.  It gives my workouts greater “purpose” than solely taking care of my body.  There are some days I just play basketball or take classes.  While I’m doing these activities, I’m having fun!  I don’t even view it as working out.  Yet the exercise benefits are there.

Find an activity that is fun and enjoyable.  My basketball might be playing with your dog in the park or racquetball.  I recommend trying and browse through all the activities in your local area.  Find something that you’ll enjoy, and it won’t even seem like you’re working out!

  1. Your Body Won’t Change Unless You Make it Change

Many a millennia ago, there was a time where we had to walk miles daily to hunt in order to survive.  Our bodies were forced to be strong to adapt.  Nowadays, the majority of us are required to sit down in front of a computer in order to survive.  Our once strong bodies have not yet evolved to such a simple lifestyle.

Your body will not change unless you make it change.  It has no reason to.  The body will only do the bare minimum to do the required activities to survive.  Make your body change.  You’ll never get in shape unless you adopt this mentality.  The challenges don’t have to be great.  They just have to be slightly more challenging than before.  If you do 20 pushups 3 days in one week, then next week, aim for 22 pushups.  Commit to small, similar challenges each week, and you’ll soon find that your body will slowly begin to adapt and change.   Force your body to change.

There you have it:  4 tips to motivate yourself in to exercise, activity, and getting in shape.  You can make a thousand excuses to not work out or get in shape.  But all you need is one to start.  Take one of the tips from above to jumpstart your exercise routine.  Your body will thank you later for doing so.

Now you have my motivational tips for getting in shape.  What are yours?  Feel free to post in the comments your favorite tips for getting in shape!

Author Bio:  Bobby Smith is a regular blogger for, a portal for online coupon and discount codes to major retailers.

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