Guest Post: A Mother On Her Daughter’s Wedding Day

Enjoy the following guest post:  Helping My BFF’s Mother Do Her Thing On Her Daughter’s Wedding Day

Most mothers have an eye for the finest things in life, and this is true with my bestfriend’s mom. From the jewels that she wears occasionally down to the shoes on her lovely feet, she always wants to have to trendiest items most of the time. And when the time comes that my BFF about to be wed, her mom would definitely not let this chance pass to show off on her daughter’s big day by wearing a gorgeous gown. Now thinking about that matter is easy, but finding the right gown for her is another thing because her mom is big and finding a dress that will fit her size is no easy task… And so here we are stuck into this slight problem of finding her dress. She don’t wanna go into a bridal shop for undisclosed reasons. On the other hand, we cannot simply just barge in to any mall and pick out any dress because the sizes are limited and I barely have a month to go before my wedding comes. What should we do then?

Fortunately, the groom’s mother lends a helping hand and gave us a piece of advice. She told me to visit these bridal sites as she was able to get a dress over the internet before. And she was right! There’s an incredible range of beautiful dresses for the mothers at thegreenguide and me and my BFF are so happy to check it out even further. We called her mom right away so that she can help us choose which dress she should wear at her daughter’s wedding and we have come up into these 3 lovely dresses.

gray dress

My bestfriend chose this dress for her because the coat will hide her broad shoulders. Now, we would not want those features to be noticed at her wedding.

This white dress serves the same purpose, only that her mom was the one who chose this for herself.

black dress

And this black dress… Well, black creates an illusion of being thin. So it will definitely help to make her mom look slim, at least during her wedding day.

All the gowns we have checked online are simply fabulous. And more than that, most the websites have dresses specially designed for plus size moms so my mother can really take advantage of choosing the designs that her mom loves to wear and I was even surprised that they even have oversized dresses for moms like me.

My bestfriend and I were so thankful that our mother of the bride dress issue is now solved because of her soon to be mother-in-law and her advice. Now, all she needs to do is focused entirely on her wedding and make sure that she’ll look lovely at her special day.

Author Bio:  Erin is a freelancer writer. Erin has a great passion for fashion. She has written many articles about fashion and trends and reviews for some big brands. She has just passed her 22nd birthday and received a prom dress made by The Green Guide as a birthday present. She loves it very much.

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