Halloween Night Check List – Are You Ready?


This candy came from my pantry without making a special “Halloween Candy Run.”

Halloween will be here in just a few days, are you ready?  Things are very hectic with homework, after school activities and life in general.  Make sure that you are ready for Halloween while you still have a few days to get everything together without feeling a huge rush on Halloween night.

What day will you carve your pumpkins?  Depending on the weather at your house, carving a pumpkin too early will lead to quickly rotten pumpkins.  We are carving our pumpkins outside tonight due to a busy schedule this week, but ideally, we would wait until the night before to carve our pumpkins here in Texas.  Until the carving night, we enjoy pumpkins a little differently in the Texas heat.

Does your Halloween costume fit?  Since I have two boys of different ages, the youngest often likes to wear costumes that the older one wore.  If this is case at your house, make sure to try these costumes on to make sure they fit before the day of Halloween in case you need an alternative plan.

Do you have everything you need for your Halloween costume?  Face paint, spray blood, bag for candy, etc.

Check your flashlight batteries.  Do you want to get your children glow sticks on necklaces or do you have enough flashlights for everyone to carry?

If you will be walking a long distance on Halloween night, it is great to carry a backpack and toss in a few water bottles.  It is usually hot on Halloween night, so bottled water is a must for us.  The backpack also comes in handy if your Halloween sack should become too heavy or if it should get a hole and you need an additional bag for carrying your goodies.

Do you have enough Halloween candy?  Check your pantry for all the new goodies you’ve bought to try but no one in your house really cared for.  See the picture above to check out the candy that I got from our pantry this year.  You’d be surprised at how many treats you can find within your pantry.  For example, we like to try new fruit juice snacks and the new character fruit juice snacks aren’t always a hit at our house.  We also come across granola bars that the kids would rather not eat again.  And then there are canadian cookies, which can be conveniently bought online, along with mini bags of microwave popcorn that I love to give away.  That way our family isn’t stuck with additional candy that didn’t get passed out on Halloween night.

Halloween night guests or friends:  Have you made a definite meeting time or meeting place?  If you should have guests over, do you know if they will be staying home to hand out candy or if they will be trick-or-treating with the kids?  Plan ahead and your night should go MUCH smoother.  Have fun and talk to your kids about Halloween Safety Tips before Halloween night gets here.

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